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1Q. Do I need to pre book  a personal training session/ class or can I just turn up?

1A. Yes we do ask that you always book in for your free pt or fitness taster session, we also ask for you to arrive 5 minutes before class  to give us a chance to meet & hand in any relevent forms which are available to download under the form heading. Click on the free taster button on the front page to book in today.

2Q.  I am a bit unsure if I could keep up with the class’s level?

2A.  The classes are adjusted for all levels of fitness so you will still get a great workout adjusted to your goals and level of fitness. You always have the choice of taking 1 or 2 single pt sessions prior to joining, this may give you an extra kick and confidence boost which a lot of people find helps them.

3Q.  I have never done kettlebells before can I still come along and try a class?

3A.  Of course, we would ask you to come 10 minutes prior to class starting where we will go through some of the technique used in the class, this will give you the confidence for the class and you will never look back.

4Q.  I would like personal training and nutrition sessions in my house, is this possible?

4A.  Absolutely, a big part of New Body and Soul is home delivered fitness, health & lifestyle services, just get in contact and we can come to you.

5A.  I would like to lose a dress size, how long would this take?

5B. Everybody is different, factors such as amount of time you can dedicate to exercise, level of fitness, a nutrition plan put in to practise customised to your goals, and of course your determination , but a good estimate is 4-8 weeks which is the length of a lot of our health & fitness programmes, which are filled with the support you need to achieve this.

6A. Is the first session totally free?

6B. Absolutely, it gives you a chance to see if this is the route you would like to follow in relation to your goals, and gives us a chance to meet face to face which is very important when entering into a new health & fitness routine.

7A. Can I buy any of the services as a gift?

7B. Yes and its a great gift & incentive to your loved ones & friends to get them back to feeling and looking fantastic. We can provide them you with a lovely gift voucher to give them.