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Fitness Team Building Days

Picture of Fitness Training EquipmentA happy workplace creates a happy effective working team… When considering your next corporate team building event, why not contact Newbodyandsoul to discuss your event requirements. After discussing your objectives in detail we will prepare an outline of the exercises and events that reflect your expectations and goals for the day.

It’s a team building day with a difference breaking barriers, working together as a team and creating bonds. It will get you outdoors, building relationships with colleagues outside the normal stressors of the workplace. Activities are organised according to your goals and include wacky relays, balloon tag, team challenge circuits, team cross fit, boot camps, knockout games, and team circuits.

All levels and abilities are catered for, can be brought to any park in London, healthy post workout snacks and drinks are also included.

Please contact 07726837314 to discuss your requirements for your Team building day.