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Kettlebells were a training tool first thought to be introduced from Russia when used by the Russian strongmen & athletes from as far back as the  17th century.

Jumping to the present and most importantly youWe use kettlebells because they have been an invaluable training tool  giving our clients a fantastic cardio & strength workout & giving them the results they set out to achieving.

  • Kettlebells can be used both indoor & outdoor so are extremely versatile and adapted to your session.
  • Kettlebells ranging from 5-24kg are used in order to give you a total body workout so be prepared to work hard, sweat, have fun and see great results.

Michelle is a certified advanced kettlebell instructor who has trained with the best, has taught a wide variety of kettlebell classes & trained all levels of clients from beginners to more experienced kettlebell users.

Please contact Michelle for details on  kettle bell sessions.