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Preparing some healthy food“YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT” This a term widely used and advocated by the health & fitness industry and what people forget is that this statement is literally fact.

Preparing some healthy food

Everything we put into our mouth either becomes part of us or is excreted by the body through one of its excretory organs. It only makes sense that if we fill ourselves up with a diet full of saturated fat, chemicals and sugar which are responsible for the majority of health problems we suffer from today, well we become toxic.

This leads a lot of us on to thinking and feeling sluggish, tired; hormonal is a normal part of life.  Those extra few pounds around the middle…putting all the exercise effort in but not reaping the awards of all your hard work!!

A plan of action will be introduced  to get you on your way to optimum health. Feeling how you should, positive, healthy and happy.

Nutrition consultations will start by you filling out a food and mood diary for 7 days. We will go through this with you on the day of consultation implementing any changes necessary.

We will then go through a detailed questionnaire focusing on the functions of all the body systems, family history and any other areas of concern. Iridology and some tongue diagnosis may be used to confirm findings and help with the final analysis.

FOOD DIARY ANALYSIS- the perfect addition to any Health and Fitness plan. By helping you pin point what is not working in your diet,  we can help you achieve those long awaiting goals just waiting to be grabbed. This is a must for anyone, whether you are a newbie to Health and Fitness or  an old pro to the industry. Helping you make changes that suit your lifestyle, improving well being, energy, weight and overall quality of life. Can be used along side a fitness training plan or by as a stand alone treatment. Good nutrition impacts all areas of our life including the prevention of illness, increased energy, optimum fertility and the overall feeling of happiness and contentment.

You will fill out a food diary for 7 days, then on analysis of your food diary you will receive constructive feedback, and a plan following the changes necessary to achieve your goals. You will also receive a month food plan, and a healthy eating fridge planner to follow, specific to your goals maximising your results. Changes to your diet will account for up to 70% on your results. An investment to your health and future.


  • Back to health & detox package
  • Food diary analysis
  • Weight loss package
  • Optimum fertility nutrition packages
  • Bump to Baby Fitness and Nutrition
  • Nutrition workshops & back to basic healthy eating shopping trip

Back to Health & Detox Package and Weight Loss Package

These 6 week packages are perfect for those who are embarking on a weight loss journey or who are looking for a vitality detox programme to get them functioning at an optimum, less toxic level. Included in this package:

  • 12 personal training sessions(minimum 2 per week)*extra sessions can be added on see pricing for details
  • Take home exercise homework provided.
  • Nutrition, lifestyle & health consultation  prior to beginning the programme.
  • Weight loss/detox/ nutritional programme provided.
  • 6 weeks of weight management/detox supplements and certain key foods provided.
  • Follow ups on  weight, measurements and bmi checks at stages throughout the programme to monitor results and goals.
  • Ongoing support and advice throughout your experience with new body and soul.

Optimum fertility nutrition packages

This package is a 3 month pre conception plan to get you to optimum health prior to conception.  Included are:

  • A detailed nutrition & lifestyle consultation including monthly follow up meetings and lifestyle advice to enhance health and fertility.
  • 3 months of optimum nutrition fertility supplements and natural food sources.
  • A nutrition plan which includes lists of foods to add & avoid to optimise fertility.
  • Ongoing support & advice throughout the programme with food, diary analysis and follow ups.

*personal training sessions for weight control & health  can be added on for an  extra fee. Please contact Michelle for more info.


From conception to bump to cradling your bundle of joy, every stage is reliant on your physical and mental well being. Bump to baby is a package that ensures you have the nutritional support and exercise programme suitable to your stage, lifestyle of pregnancy and  fitness ability. Working with you one on one, a tailored plan of action for every step of your journey, including post natal plan at a progressed periodised  pace. A must for every woman planning a baby,mum to be and new mums. Individual services can be bought separately from a package.

  • Step by step periodised Nutrition and fitness plan.
  • 8 personal training sessions per month
  • Monthly Pre and post natal supplements.
  • Take home meal plans and fridge planner.
  • Take home  exercise and well being homework.
  • Ongoing support and follow ups.

Nutrition workshops & back to basic healthy eating shopping trip

Nutrition workshops are a great way to re-educate yourself on food and the impact it has on your health and the health of your loved ones. Michelle will provide you with an hour long informative, educational workshop of your choice on any of the following subjects:

  • Nutrition for fitness, weight loss &well being.
  • How to eat for work & energy.
  • Introduction to eating for health & well being.
  • Nutrition for pre and post natal well being.

These can be in the comfort of your own home with friends & family,  at your workplace with your colleagues, or for groups of 5+.  An area will be provided with powerpoint presentations added.

All workshop include examples of healthy food and exciting snacks to taste, a take home healthy food  fridge planner to start implementing  these new changes and a chance for q&a time at the end. 

Back to basic healthy eating shopping trip will include:

  • A fun & informative 2 hour trip to one of london’s great health stores or your local supermarket(choice given)
  • A cafe stop at the end for some q & a time.
  • Education on food labels including sugar & salt content of foods and recommended daily allowances for health
  • Advice & help on making smart ,healthy choices when shopping for your family, shopping for your health & fitness goals.
  • 25 % discount included on nutrition consultations(booked within 1 month of shopping experience)

This is one shopping trip that inspires you to get back to basics and eating healthy… not to be missed!!

Please see our price lists for anymore information on the packages available or contact Michelle to book in a nutrition consultation which can be done face to face or over the telephone.