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Personal Training

Personal Training in the fresh air6 week personal training packages are  designed to help  you achieve whatever your goals & aspirations may be. Through lifestyle screening forms and food diaries we will help you to identify your weaknesses or constraints, and work with you to overcome these and achieve your goals.

How ever high your mountain may seem we will help you get over it through…

  • Personalised fitness plans to ensure progression, focusing on things you enjoy…. What is the point in doing things you dislike you just wont stick to it… we use a wide variety of kit and training methods to keep it fun, challenging and most importantly keep you motivated.
  • Your fitness plan will take into account your body type, goals, strength’s and weaknesses,  and time availability ensuring you get the best possible results.
  • Nutrition plans and education on healthy eating through workshops, healthy eating shopping trips & continual help and advice throughout your programme on your eating patterns.
  • Lifestyle advice, help and encouragement through continued progress checks including fitness testing, body measurements, BMI & weight checks and goal monitoring at stages throughout your journey with new body & soul.

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Block sessions

All blocks of 1 hour personal training packages purchased will include:

  • A nutrition plan customized to your goals.
  • Weight and measurement checks at stages throughout programme.
  • Take home exercise homework.

6 week packages

These 6 week packages are perfect for those who are embarking on a weight loss journey or who are looking for a vitality detox. This programme to get them functioning at an optimum, less toxic level and simply feeling healthier all round.

Included in this package:

  • 12 personal training sessions (minimum commitment 2 sessions per week)* extra sessions can be added on.
  • Take home exercise homework provided.
  • Nutrition, lifestyle & health consultation prior to beginning programme.
  • Weight loss/detox nutritional programme provided.
  • Follow ups on weight, measurements at stages throughout programme to monitor results and goals including fitness testing.
  • Ongoing support and advice throughout your experience with new body and soul.

Fab & fit bridal body package

Fab & fit bridal body package is the perfect way to ensure all eyes are on you for your big day the way it should be!  This is a 3 month programme which includes:

  • A nutrition/fitness consultation prior to beginning including weight checks, measurements & food diary analysis.
  • A nutrition plan of attack to ensure that sleek waist & tummy.
  • A fitness plan including 2 pt sessions a week, working with your body shape, focusing on tonicity of the arms/shoulders, a sculpt bum & hips, and fat blasting around the middle to ensure you look like you at your best on your special day.
  • Energy& stress support nutritional supplements provided.
  • Monitored goal setting and follow ups throughout programme to ensure results.
  • Take home fitness & nutrition homework.
  • Ongoing support, encouragement & advice throughout programme.

Fast & furious kettlebell package

Fast & furious kettlebell pt package is the perfect challenge for those who have limited time but want a fast, furious, fun workout with all of the results. This is 10 half hour pt session working with mainly kettlebells to give you a high intensity challenge focusing on strength, cardio & core. Whatever your fitness level this session can be customized to you and get you working harder than ever…. Included in this fantastic body sculpting package is:

  • A fitness consultation  & kettlebell technique analysis will be part of your programme to ensure correct posture & technique.
  • A nutrition plan will be prepared for you based on your goals and food diary analysis.
  • Ongoing support & advice throughout programme
  • Take home fitness homework provided.
  • The motivation to push yourself and achieve maximum results through fitness testing & monitored fitness progression.

3 month fitness & nutrition take-home programme

This is a programme designed for people who can get on with a workout without the need for a trainer but need a fitness & nutrition plan to help them get there. Included in this package is:

  • A 1 hour pt session & consultation to ensure correct technique and effort.
  • A 3 month total body programme designed towards your goals.
  • A progression plan including 3 stages to ensure maximum results.
  • Nutrition plan to follow throughout programme.
  • 15% discount on any pt package (within 4 months from purchase)

Please see the pricing page for personal training package details
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