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Emma Cordiner

City Lawyer

Training with Michelle is varied, fun and most importantly, always enjoyable – so much better (whatever the weather!) than being stuck in a gym doing the same old routines. Michelle works hard to make sure no two sessions are the same and that they’re always well put together. Michelle’s also full of great information and advice on diet and nutrition – this coupled with her training sessions, continually produces fantastic all round results. I’ve always tried to stay healthy and stick to exercising but Michelle’s sessions are the first thing that have genuinely held my attention and pushed me to achieve gradually more and more through exercise. There is the added bonus of flexible days/times week to week – very important when you’re super busy and trying to hold down an effective regime! Whatever your goals – improved fitness, getting in shape, finding something new, or just living well, I’d absolutely recommend Michelle to help you achieve them.

Olivia Lai


I really enjoy my outdoor personal training sessions with Michelle. Our sessions have a lot of variety and are challenging. I always finish feeling that I’ve had a really good workout and at the same time am full of energy. And being outdoors in the fresh air is a fantastic way to get the brain as well as the body ready for the day ahead.

Amy O Connor

Marketing exec.

I met Michelle through the group training sessions, and immediately felt like she was interested in more than my class attendance. In discussing my weight loss goals, she spoke to the class about the importance of a balanced diet and arming ourselves with food knowledge. I had to learn more and booked myself to meet with her! After meeting with her for the first consultation, I felt energized to try new foods, work on portion size and empowered to make smart choices whether I was eating in or out. Michelle worked steadily with me on my total health (exercise, diet and mood) over the next 7 weeks, and I am happy to report that whilst having fun with recipes and new snacks, and attending her classes I dropped a whole dress size for my brother in-laws wedding! Today, I still use her guidance notes and food diaries to keep me balanced and on track.

Adrian o neill


“I’ve been training with Michelle for over a year now and have seen amazing results in that time. I’m working as a Police Officer and due to my role I have to be both physically and mentally fit, before I met Michelle I was two and a half stone over-weight, but after four months on Michelle’s training program (which includes an extensive nutrition plan and healthy eating advise), I lost the weight and I have never felt stronger or healthier. Michelle is passionate about fitness and Nutrition and it shows through the energy and enthusiasm she brings to every session. “If you are serious about changing your life for the better, Michelle will lead you every step of the way with a combination of better eating habits adjusted to your goals, and personalised exercise programmes”. Thank you Michelle, you are the best!”