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Hello lovelies, I’m Michelle originally from Ireland but now I park myself in central London, a mum of 2 pre-schoolers, a bride to be (2021, oops now 2022) a Women’s Nutritionist & Personal trainer, and a red wine lover!

My passion is empowering women such as yourself through the noisy space of Nutrition and Fitness. Having experienced various fertility problems over the course of 5 years I embarked on a journey of self discovery absorbing everything I could find on the female body.

Learning how hormones, movement, and mindset influence 99% of what we want to achieve in our lives. It certainly did for me, becoming a proud mama bear in 2015.

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I want you to transform your mindset, your body, your vitality and overall transform your life.

Cycle syncing is not a diet or a new fad but instead a clever practice where we align our food, exercise even our diary when possible around the different phases of your menstrual cycle.

Looking at diet and lifestyle can play an important role in regaining and maintaining good health. It is important to have the right vitamins and minerals to ensure adequate supply to support you.

Having a good balance of healthy bacteria in your gut is essential to having a healthy metabolism and Happy hormones. The health of your gut will influence your immune system and overall health.

My passion is helping women such as yourself understand everything you need to know about your hormones and the fact they need a little attention in order for you to feel more empowered, confident & in flow.

Good nutritional habits will play a key role in achieving your goals whether it’s improving your fertility, increasing energy levels, fixing period problems. It’s about making simple changes that move you in the right direction.

Empowering women to achieve long lasting results through guilt free exercise programmes. Building a strong metabolism through strength training and smaller amounts of cardio to ensure we are working smarter not harder.

Hormonal Testing when necessary, can give us a real picture into our hormones and how they are functioning. This takes the guesswork out, can pinpoint us to the root of the problem, saving precious time when necessary.

Are you ready to transform your life and live in flow with your feminine superpowers?

What I do

Why choose me?

Are you looking to transform your health and vitality?

Nutrition strategies

Do you constantly feel tired and moody? Are you suffering from hormonal changes or a sudden increase in weight especially around the middle?? Do you plan on getting pregnant this year? Are you looking to come off the pill but a little scared? I empower women to improve their health and emotional wellbeing, using the power of tasty nutritious food and motivating  exercise programmes specifically designed for women by a woman.

Support & motivation

Whatever your fitness level, your age  or health goals, I can support you to eat without deprivation or guilt and to exercise smarter not harder with the time you have allowing you to get on and live your life. My approach is realistic and practical, it’s about making small changes that add up to long-lasting health and fitness results.

Get in touch for a free 30 minute virtual chat to discuss which programme suits you and your goals best

Top rated

With so many choices of wonderful experts out there. I am honoured to be on this journey with you as a mentor and personal cheers my lovely.

Best quality

Fitness workouts that work with a women’s body not a man. Building a strong confident body that works with you time and lifestyle.

Eat fresh

Quality and quantity does matter! when we feel good we’re happier, when we are happier and we’re more confident in life and in our relationships.

I want you to imagine for a minute in the not so distant future you could be…

  • Having pain free predictable periods every month.
  • No longer dreading that time of the month.
  • Being confident with better relationships.
  • Regular ovulation & a body that is a baby haven.
  • Understanding your root causes & where to start healing.
  • Understanding your root causes & where to start healing.
  • Exercising to feel strong not as a punishment.
  • No more painful bloating & constipation.
  • Feeling like the best version of you every month.

The best bit about my job is watching women become healthier, happier and more confident in their bodies. My own personal  fertility issues, low body confidence  & post kids overwhelm and burnout were the reasons I  dived into Women’s hormonal health & fitness coaching. It set me off on a journey of self-discovery to optimise my own health, learning how hormones, exercise and nutritious food can be the catalyst  and truly can transform your life. It certainly changed mine! I’m a busy proud mummy of two, and I am passionate about passing this knowledge on to empower other women to achieve health & vitality in order to reach those weight loss & balanced hormone.. There is no “one fix for all”, it’s simply about learning to work with your body, not against it!


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The Thriving Hormones Circle

A 90 day coaching programme for women looking to understand their body, supercharge their fertility and hormones breaking free of any hormonal issues holding them back from a thriving and happy life... not just surviving.

  • Are  you in your 30’s and 40’s struggling with hormonal weight gain?
  • Your a busy working mom struggling with burn out and overwhelm?
  • Have your periods have become irregular, painful or just a little off?
  • Feeling  overwhelmed about conflicting advice around weight and hormones?
  • Have you been diagnosed with Pcos, suffered unexplained infertility or miscarriages.
  • Are you still working out like you did in your 20’s but  getting no results?
  • Are you are looking to finally invest in you & get body and life confident?
  • Are you looking for a Health and Fitness mentor who believes in you?
  • Are you ready to transform your life and take meaningful action getting you results?

Then this is the tribe for you my lovely…

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