My story

Why choose me over other coaches out there?

I HAVE WALKED IN YOUR SHOES LADY… as a mum and a woman running a business I have to be a ninja warrior with my time and priorities. Just like you I would put myself at the end of the do list until burnout hit and a lot of mom guilt soon followed. It was a slap of reality, I was not superhuman even if I was doing my best to be the supermom. I was supporting and looking after everyone else except myself, and I am supposed to be the expert ! I mean I have been educating myself for the last 19 years on all topics women’s health, fitness, and mindset.

I realised by not putting myself as a priority everything else around me would fall apart. In 2023 I came full circle in my journey… proudly  graduating with my Hormone certification from the Institute of Menstrual Health with Nicole Jardim. It was Nicole who opened up the world of Menstrual cycle education to me  back in 2012. I was in the middle of my misscarriage journey and feeling totally lost and confused on what I was doing wrong.

The biggest game changer was starting to see everything through the lens of being a Women, looking at my nervous system and period as my health report card. Not carrying past sabotaging mindset beliefs that as Women we should work harder to get what we want in life. This is the foundation of how I work on my health even now as a Mom in my 40’s. It is how I support my amazing clients through period coaching and education. Allowing them to  stop feeling guilty and get long term results from small CONSISTENT actions.

Find YOUR happy  place in their YOUR life, focusing on food that nourishes and energises YOU. Movement  that will help build a healthy strong metabolism my working with your unique infradian rhythm thats unique to you as a Women. Working with your body, not against as once I did. We are not men so working out like a man, and eating rice and chicken all day counting calories is not the path to a healthier, happier fitter you. I am so excited to grow my tribe of amazing women looking to live their best life making small incremental  changes to get life long results.

1-1 Period coaching and group coaching available.

My background and qualification include...

Well It all started with my 5 year adventure around India, Asia and Australia in 2001 where I fell in love with the Lifestyle and holistic attitude around Health & wellness. Totally different to my childhood in the west of Ireland.  It was here in Sydney  where I followed my passion and completed my advanced  diplomas in Nutrition, iridology, aromatherapy and bach flowers. Returning to London in 2006 I decided to study further in another area I was passionate about which was Fitness. Qualifying as a level 3 personal Trainer in 2010 at the renowned London Premier fitness academy. I continued my studies completing my pregnancy fitness qualification with the renowned Jenny Burrell. I then went on to train with Future fit where I received my level 3 Post natal personal training qualification in 2017. I have continued  to further my education and follow my passion for Women’s health and in 2023 graduated from The Institute of menstrual health with my hormone certification with my mentor Nicole Jardim who has been a leading educator in period health for the last 10 years.

What are you waiting for?

Be your own knight in shining armour. Be the person to take the first step to creating a ripple of change in your life. Remember if we do our best everything around us also benefits. I call this ‘THE DREAM LIFE RIPPLE EFFECT’.

Whatever your goals.. Whatever your dreams,  I can support you to make simple realistic changes with step by step clear no bullshit action and support. Think of me as your Irish lucky charm, your cheerleader. Ready to support you in your happier, healthier life.

  • Are you looking to get pregnant this year?
  • Have you experienced a miscarriage and need support with healing your body?
  • Are you looking to come off the pill but scared of old symptoms reappearing?
  • Do you want to understand your body better and teach your daughter the same?
  • Do you want to feel confident and love the body you're in?
  • Do you need support with a hormonal issue such as PCOS or hypothyroidism?
  • Are you sick of feeling burnout and exhausted from cardio workouts?
  • Do you want to get results by working with your body and female superpowers?

Are you nodding back and forth right now….. Shouting yesss Michelle thats me!

So my question to you is…

How will you feel tomorrow, next week, next year!!  The magic number of 1 % is all it takes to keep one foot in front of the other  making small meaningful changes in  order to live a life of confidence, fulfilment and happiness. Stepping back and learning from your ancestors allows us to learn from the past abd  to tap into your superpower of working with your own biology as a Women. Supporting your nervous system, fueling your body with the right food, adding in movement which gives energy not depletes. Your menstrual cycle is a road map to your health and vitality and I will teach you the hidden messages it’s trying to tell you.

  • No more meaningless excuses.
  • No more signing up for gym memberships you never stick to.
  • No more starving yourself to lose a few pounds.
  • No more celery juice cleanses.
  • No more putting yourself last on the to do list.
  • No more ignoring that voice inside you telling you it's time for action.
  • No more hours of draining cardio.

This is your time, because every Woman deserves to feel  empowered and confident in their own body.

Don’t wait. Get in touch today and book a free 30 minute virtual chat where we can discuss your next steps to achieve what's right for you.