picture of a lentil dahl

Healthy can taste good!

Say good bye to 2018 and start looking forward cause 2019 is here and ready for you to take control of your life and make positive changes for your health. Make this a year of sticking to those New year resolutions and not quitting 2 weeks in…..

A sure way to stick to your New year resolutions is make a plan, get some help this will help and encourage you to keep your eye on the prize..your goals !! At New body and soul we don t believe in diets, we think  good tasty wholesome food & fun challenging fitness regime to keep you motivated & on track with your health & fitness goals.

Why not finish your day with my tasty lentil & squash dahl packed with quality protein,  low in fat & calories, its  high in fiber keeping balancing your blood suger levels balanced  and bowel happy.

Its also packed with B vitamins  keeping your mood great and energy high for those winter mths helping you achieve your health & fitness goals.

You can vary the weight of the ingredients but I always make extra & freeze for a day I’m a busy bee, that way I can still have a great healthy meal in a hurry.

500 grams of orange lentils

6 mugs of water(enough to well cover as a lot will evaporate)

1-2 onions

Whole pod of garlic(keeps those colds at bay!!)

1 tbl spoon of curry powder

1 1/2 Low salt stock cube/1 tbl spoon of stock concentrate

600g tinned tomato (low salt variety)

1 small squash(optional)

Bring the water with the onions & garlic, squash & lentils to the boil then simmer for 15 minutes

Add the tomato, stock, & curry powder

Keep stirring so bottom does not stick for a further 25 minutes

Serve with some wholemeal pitta bread on the side if you prefer and garnish with some fresh basil it tasted yummy!!!

*You can swap the lentils for yellow split peas & the veg to pumpkin if you prefer, don’t be afraid to try new things for yourself.

Kick Yourself into Health Today!

Common health problems facing many of the clients I see and treat include; constipation, diarrhoea and blood sugar problems including adult onset diabetes, excess weight especially around the middle (think apple shaped person), depression, sleeping disorders and general tiredness & fatigue.

Worst of all most people think that this is a normal part of life, they have felt and been this way for so long that they don t know any different. Well no more. I’m going to tell you that this is not normal and yes you can feel a little bit better, with a little help & support from the team at New Body and Soul, and some hard work & self-belief from yourself .

People’s lifestyles in the 21st century are fast & furious. A busy mum not having time to cook a healthy meal for the family, a stressed city worker unable to sleep & can’t eat healthily because of deadlines. Every person has a story but also a choice to change. With some step by step nutritional changes based around your lifestyle, strength & weaknesses, we will work with you on breaking any negative habits/patterns stopping you from achieving your goals.

Take control of your life, your health, your future now.