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5 simple steps to lose post lockdown weight gain

What are the 5 simple steps to lose post lockdown weight gain?

As Lockdown restrictions are starting to lift a little here in the Uk and life starts to turn a little less sleepy you might suddenly find your anxiety shifting a gear. The thoughts of face-to-face networking, and night outs with friends who have only seen the top half and perhaps toned arms from the wine lifting! Only to discover the middle part of you has turned into the mass resembling a squishy inflatable doughnut ring. But don’t despair, there is hope, I am going to share with you my 5 simple steps to lose post lockdown weight gain.

A huge percentage of the population has gained weight over the course of the last year. Darting between Netflix binges and wine O clock zoom calls but also the only steps many getting was the wine top ups between the fridge and computer. It was a slow trickle of calories not being used up on commutes and client visits for many of us including myself.

Another slam dunk to the piling pounds was the shitty lethargic feeling the feeling the morning after. Leading to the sugary carb binging and coffee overload. All of which feeding the ever growing waist line. The simple truth is calories are not all equal. I’m sorry if that has unsettled all the calorie point counters out there, but felt it needed to be said. But I have shared what is important. Which is why by popular demand I am sharing 5 simple steps I recommend for post lockdown weight gain.

Step 1 What is your compelling reason ?

Get clear on your compelling reason why. Let’s be honest if it does not matter to you why the heck would you spend you time working on it? Invest your money through support and resources ? Take the time to sit and reflect why this is so important. What changes would you bring to your life if you achieved this goal? Once your clear ( perhaps shed a tear or two in the process cause it means that bloody much to you) we move on to number 2.

Step 2 What barriers are holding you back?

We have all been there, right?! We write a list of 10 New year resolutions only to discover 2 weeks later the list in lining the cat litter. Another year, another list. Why do you think it happens? Because we do not failure proof these goals. We all have mind monkeys, habits that do not serve us , cravings we have not learned to let go of! Write down all the barriers that have stopped you so far! Living the same year over and over but getting no where. Your own personal ground hog year with yourself as the leading lady. Get writing ladies and once you have discovered the real reasons you are getting no where you create a failure proof plan around these. Need some inspiration? Get off social media, set a date night where you have the wine (not 7 nights a week), move the kids treats out of the food cupboard so your not temped everything you cook. move your desk away from the kitchen! What ever you need to do to eliminate your own personal barriers. I promise you its a game changer. I have seen first hand the impact this has had on my Happy hormone and Happy weight clients.

Step 3 Write it, See it , Do it

Sounds easy enough right? It still amazes me that people expect long term results without an element of planning. I mean would you go to an important meeting without a little prep work? Absolutely not I am thinking. Yet it still happens that I see people without at least outlining a shopping list ( I even recommend giving headings such as (Protein, veggies, starchy carbs like grains, fruit, snacks) It helps you to remember what you need, you are happy with the fact you are getting all the food you are cooking with which keeps you on top of your goals. Also Saves time and takes the overwhelm out of thinking about what the heck your gonna cook and stay on track with the life changing goal. Because from that list you can now outline what your having each day(No more staring blankly into an empty fridge ). And you have a whole selection of protein, fat and fibre snacks to choose from(the 3 amigos of Happy hormones & Happy weight I like to call them) which leads me to step 4.

Step 4 The 3 amigos of Happy hormones & Happy weight

I promised no calorie counting here and I am a girl of my word. I mean aren’t calories mystical creatures that just make our clothes tight overnight:-)

Instead we are focusing on the 3 amigos. All just as important as each other and are your best friends when it comes to weight loss and balancing hormones. I find these little guys so special I have even dedicated a whole workshop in my group coaching programme. This is where I break them down explaining exactly why you need to make these your bestest amigos also.

  1. Protein
  2. Fibre
  3. fats

All of these play a crucial role in balancing your blood sugar, supporting your gut and liver, involved in the making of crucial hormones. All of which play a major role with post lockdown weight gain. One of ways we be sure we are getting enough is to be aware of your plating up. Always start with your coloured rainbow plate of veggies. Piling on at least half a plate. Followed by your protein source(think meat, eggs, beans, fish etc) followed by smaller amounts of your starchier carbohydrates such as brown rice, quinoa, potato. Unless you have just done a mammoth exercise session a cup is more then enough to keep you satisfied. Follow the same rules with your snacks. If you wanted to go a step further I would even suggest a 12 hour eating window followed by 12 hours of digestive rest. Allow your body to rest and reset . Allow it the time to rid your cells of any metabolic junk. Which in my eyes is the best anti ageing gift we can give but that’s a whole other blog.

Step 5 Focus on your movement

We all get so hung up on the 30 minute zumba or ko box class we are going to jump on weekly, right?! But what about what we do the other 12 hours of the day? How about shiting things up a bit? Why not focus on what you are going to do the rest of the time, outside the dedicated exercise class. Focus on your NEAT activity which is activity that burns calories and reduces body fat outside a gym session. Click (Non exercise activity thermogenesis ) to learn more or on the research a little more . In traditional shell bell’s Nutshell explanation it means get up off your ass more. Set your alarm to get up and go for a walk before work. Take a lunchtime stroll. Ditch the netflix and clean your wardrobe out. Get the 10,000 steps in a day by just moving. I cannot wait to read and hear all about your accomplishments.