healthy food buffet representing how food influences balanced hormones helping to melt belly fat

How happy hormones will melt away your belly fat and get you in flow

In this series over the coming weeks I will be talking weight loss, confidence, bloating, blood sugar, and all the day to day factors influencing our weight. This is how I work with about 90% of my clients. But more importantly each of them has different stories. By listening to their body’s breadcrumbs (we learn […]

What is Diastasis Recti?

Diastasis Recti occurs in both men and women but is more commonly found in  postpartum mums. Diastasis Recti happens when  connective tissue (known as  linea Alba) has been stretched and widened by your growing baby. This creates  a gap between your left and right rectus abdominals. How can you tell if You have Diastasis Recti? […]