Female Personal Training in central London

Female Personal Training Available online and face to face in Central  London

Training available online via skype and zoom and can be half hour or 1 hour blocks.

Contact Michelle@newbodyandsoul.com for a free 30 minute discovery call

Or why not even grab a friend or partner  and train together.

  1. Women’s Personal training packages are  designed to help  you achieve whatever your goals & aspirations may be.
  2. Working with your body and not against.
  3. Through lifestyle screening forms, stress management techniques,  and food diary analysis I will help you to identify your weaknesses or constraints.
  4. I will work with you to overcome these and achieve your Long term  goals of weight loss, increased strength, and stamina.

What some of my lovely pt clients have been saying

Amy O Connor Marketing executive London .

I met Michelle through the group training sessions, and immediately felt like she was interested in more than my class attendance. In discussing my weight loss goals, she spoke to the class about the importance of a balanced diet. How to arm ourselves with food knowledge. I had to learn more and booked myself to meet with her!

After meeting with her for the first consultation, I felt energised to try new foods, work on portion size and empowered to make smart choices whether I was eating in or out. Michelle worked steadily with me on my total health (exercise, diet and mood) over the next 7 weeks. Excitedly,  I am happy to report that whilst having fun with recipes and new snacks, and attending her classes. I dropped a whole dress size for my brother in-laws wedding! Today, I still use her guidance notes and food diaries to keep me balanced and on track.

Emma Cordiner –City Lawyer, london

Training with Michelle is varied, fun and most importantly, always enjoyable. So much better (whatever the weather!) than being stuck in a gym doing the same old routines. Michelle works hard to make sure no two sessions are the same.  Michelle’s also full of great information and advice on diet and nutrition. This coupled with her training sessions, continually produces fantastic all round results. I’ve always tried to stay healthy.  But by sticking to exercising but Michelle’s sessions are the first thing that have genuinely held my attention.  When has been the catalyst for me to achieve more and more through exercise.  Whatever your goals – improved fitness, getting in shape, finding something new.  I’d absolutely recommend Michelle to help you achieve them.

Kathrin Hedley- Data administration, London 

Michelle has been my trainer for many years now (since around 2012/13 I think), which speaks for itself. I started PT as I had been diagnosed with osteoporosis and wanted to build up bone as well as muscle. Michelle has definitely helped me with that- my last bone scan showed that I am now no longer in the osteoporosis range. Happy to report  I do not need to take any medication. Michelle makes training fun and pushes me to exactly the right extent. The training is really varied so I don’t get bored and includes TRX and boxing. Michelle is deeply knowledgeable about diet and fitness in general and caring in a holistic way. We have a laugh, but she makes sure I work hard! I would highly recommend Michelle.

Tracy Skipp- International netball umpire

Picture of my client skipp
Sydney commonwealth games

 I was an International Netball Umpire for 6 years, training regularly either by myself or with various personal trainers. In 2014 I was fortunate enough to be appointed to the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow and I knew I needed to be even more focused and work particularly on training that was relevant to my sport.   I was introduced to Michelle and can honestly say it was the best thing that could have happened.  Michelle listened, reviewed, and tailored my workouts to achieve my specific goals.  Her friendly, motivational, easy going personality had me working harder than I thought possible.

Michelle is always prepared for my session making them challenge (& somehow fun).  My fitness increased noticeably, and all the hard work paid off – I was then invited to Netball World Cup the following year in Sydney.

I thoroughly enjoy working out in the outdoor environment. I would recommend Michelle to anyone looking to improve their fitness with a dedicated trainer.

Helen Burgess-Business development director

Michelle is super hard working and committed to your fitness, health and overall wellness. I don’t think I’ve met anyone as dedicated to her clients. It’s not just about the correct fitness regime, Michelle will nurture you to achieve your goals.

Lydia Arding-Television production executive

I have been doing weekly personal training sessions with Michelle for over a year. She has become an essential part of my weekly routine. Her sessions are not only fun and something I look forward to but also a guaranteed muscle burn which means I can have that extra glass of wine on a Friday! The PT fits well into my busy life as it is only an hour at a time and it is nice to be outside opposed to a gym. During the hour Michelle will insist on breaking comfort boundaries and pushing limits.  It means you walk away from the session feeling you have actually achieved something and not just spent an hour stretching.  Michelle a positive force in the mornings which make the sessions fun. But also offers up constant support and motivation to achieve your fitness goals.


Are you ready to take action and make this your best year yet?

  • Personalised fitness plans to ensure progression, focusing on things you enjoy. What is the point in doing things you dislike you just won’t stick to it. We use a wide variety of kit and training methods to keep it fun, challenging and most importantly keep you motivated.
  • Your fitness plan will take into account your , goals, strength’s and weaknesses. We also look at your  time and availability ensuring you get the best possible results.
  • Nutrition plans and education on healthy eating through workshops and healthy eating shopping trips. You will also receive continued help and advice throughout your programme on your eating patterns.
  • Lifestyle advice, help and encouragement through continued progress checks including fitness testing, body measurements,  and fitness tests. Goal monitoring at stages throughout your journey will ensure progress and results.

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