Cycle & Moon syncing Programme -

Cycle & Moon syncing Programme

Our bodies like the cycles of the moon, and the movement of the tides is constantly changing, adapting to the elements all around us. The magic is in re- connecting with your body, listening for any signs she may be giving us.  Our bodies are very clever at telling us what she needs if we just sit up and listen. Follow the breadcrumbs.

“Cycle syncing was developed by Alisa Vitti of flo living and is a road map for women to help balance their hormones and care for their bodies, so they can feel their best all month long. It works by syncing up your daily activities (eating, working, socialising, fitness, ) with your internal rhythm to promote optimal health and hormone function”. Discover the powers of balanced hormones to live your best life.

The problem with most diets women embark on is that they don’t take into account the changing cycles of our hormones each month. We don’t function and feel the same way throughout each phase of our monthly cycle. And our hormones are responsible for every thought, action, feeling we have . But rather than think of this as a disadvantage, it can actually be our secret weapon.

Who can benefit from cycle syncing?

While everyone can benefit from cycle syncing, there are certain groups who may benefit the most.

  • Women looking to conceive.
  • If you are overweight and struggling to lost the weight.
  • Always tired and cranky!
  • You want your libido back.
  • High performers with adrenal fatigue issues.
  • Skin issues such as acne, eczema, breakouts.
  • Sleep issues.

Download my free menstrual and lunar planner to get started on this magical journey of self discovery, bringing change to where its needed most in order to live your best life.