Womens Group Personal Training programmes

As a female I was fed up with the messages that I saw around me.  I saw a constant stream of adverts with women on treadmills and men lifting weights. Or the other side of it was that women who did lift looked like Arnie! The messages were unrealistic and did not resonate with me a mum in my late thirties who wanted to feel good about her body,  follow an eating pattern that meant I could indulge in a glass wine if I wanted and feel guilty about it.

Thankfully the message is changing.  My mission is to build a female fitness community where women  step into their zone of greatness,  ask questions with confidence and without fear and challenge themselves in mind and body. Changes in your Nutrition, fitness and mindset lead to greater things in all areas of our life. 

  1. You will lift weights, step out of your training box and  see your body transform. 
  2. I will guide you through the jargon and myths of  so called diets and quick fixes. You will see how small realistic changes make the biggest impacts.
  3. Working with you on shifting your  mindset, overcome your barriers,  and build your weaknesses to your greatest strengths.

What is included in your transformation programme?

  • Group Personal training is a great alternative to 1-1 Personal training.
  • Max of 5 per group ensuring you get that personalised attention of 1-1 personal training. But you also have  the fun and challenge of working within a small group of like minded team mates.
  • Personalized exercise programme with 4 week exercise  progressions. 
  • Online food diary analysis(With Nutrition packages)
  • Take home fitness work(15 min workouts)
  • Goal setting and progress reports 4 weekly to ensure you are staying on track.
  • Pictures, weight and measurements (optional)

Prices start from  £149/month  Contact for more pricing details  

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