Every Moms blueprint to living a life free of angry Mommy moods, dreaded monthly or MIA periods and hormonal chaos stopping you be the Women and Mum you are.

The Hormonal Moms guide to happier periods & moods.

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Saturday, 29th October 2022 12:30 – 13:30 BST

Hello love, my name is Michelle and you are so welcome here. Making the choice to book on to this workshop is the first step to creating a life you deserve to live. Not a life of hormonal chaos and low body confidence holding you back from being the best version of you

It may have creeped up from no where without warning....


Perhaps your body has been throwing you breadcrumbs all along....

Noticed any of the following breadcrumbs ?

Your Mood, anxiety and enrgy is all over the place?

It literally just pokes its head out. One minute your feeling positive and good. The next angry Mommy has come to play and its not pretty.  It feels like your losing your mind and control of your body. Oh and then the guilt follows, you feel shit and reach for comfort like a glass of wine or bars of sugary treats. Which make you feel even worse and exhausted. It is like getting on a train that won’t stop even when your screaming at the top of your lungs!


You feel like you have lost a bit of you

You are always chasing your tail. Lists that never end but you’re not actually on it. Your dreams, self-care, heck your health seems to be lost in 2010 somewhere. Periods seem to be taking on a life of their own turning up when they feel like it, and when they do it’s a hellish experience.

Can’t make live? Not a problem. Just reserve a space I will send a replay within 24 hours.


I have helped hundreds of Mums just like you get control of hormonal challenges, low moods, horrific periods and Mom guilt. Whilst also thriving in their business and career. 


What you will learn in this masterclass

  1. How to work with your period and achieve more by working smarter NOT harder.
  2. What your period colour might be telling you
  3. The top 5 mistakes I see Moms do for hormonal challenges.
  4. My PMT free Mom toolkit.
  5. Putting it all together.

More stable moods, enthusiasm for the future, happy hormones & body confidence are on the other side of saying YES so let’s get your best mom life started here.

Hi I am Michelle

A Mum, Women’s Nutritionist & Personal trainer, Cycle educator and miscarriage survivor. My passion is supporting and educating busy Mums who have lost a little of themselves and are swimming in a sea of hormonal chaos and hellish moods.  I will teach you how to get your hormones working in harmony , get results working smarter NOT harder, know which foods help us function on full cylinders and how to use the power of your cycle or lunar cycle to thrive in your health, career and Mom life. Let’s just cut through the noise and create sustainable habits we can maintain for life.

Don’t just take my word for it..

It’s evident that Michelle really knows her stuff when it comes to nutrition as the slides and handouts were packed with useful facts and tips for keeping healthy and in shape over the holidays.  I would recommend any one of her workshops if you want to get educated about nutrition.

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This wasn’t the usual spiel about carbs, proteins and fats, but a far more in depth talk about being smarter about what foods to choose

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I have never been to such a clear and easy to understand nutritional workshop. Michelle’s approach was perfect for any audience but the level of her expertise and knowledge was obvious

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What I enjoyed the most about Michelle and her sessions are that they’re easy to follow and Michelle is so friendly and approachable you can watch her talking for hours

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Disclaimer: By signing up for this workshop you will be added to my weekly newsletter full of Inspiration and tips around Women’s health and Hormones but of course you can opt out at any time. This workshop is not medical advice but my experience in helping hundreds of women find balance and confidence in their busy lives.