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Mum and baby postnatal  training



Michelle from New body and soul is a Women’s Nutritionist & Personal trainer. She specializes in Nutrition for balancing hormones wherever balance is needed. To increase energy, balance moods, heal and regulate periods.

She also uses her postnatal fitness skills to help heal and strengthen the areas that have been impacted during pregnancy, She is a mum of 2 preschoolers and understands the barriers around time and confidence mums can face during the 4th trimester(The postnatal stage) . Michelle helps women to find a balance between being a mum and a woman.  Allowing a space to enjoy this precious time whilst allowing mum to focus on her own health and fitness to thrive as a Mum and a person. 

  •  £50 off 6 week online postnatal personal training package £299 (Instead of normal £349)
    • Includes 1 Personal training session a week.
    • Take home workouts which are all  20 minutes focusing on  core & pelvic floor restore work.
  •  £70 off online 6 week Postnatal Nutrition & Personal training package £749 (Instead of the normal £819).
    • Includes 2 x Personal training session a week.
    • A 1 hour 1-1 Nutrition consultation and a half hour follow up.
    • Take home workouts which are all 20 minutes focusing on core & pelvic floor restore work.

This offer is specifically for clients of Midwife on tap. Please contact Michelle@newbodyandsoul.com to book in a free 20 minute discovery chat to discuss your needs.