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Picking the solution that's best for you

When you realize it’s time to break free from restriction, over training, putting yourself last, low energy, and a body that doesn’t serve you anymore, that’s where I come in my love.

I have got you back lady. I love nothing more than helping and supporting amazing  women such as yourself to stop living a life that you feel disconnected with.  You are unique so your programme will be unique to you. I will help you to recognise the root of your problem, how we can consistently work on  removing chronic triggers from everyday life. Learn how to work with your body and  not against it.  Because remember your body will be your bestest friend so we need to treat her accordingly and she will love you back. So whether its goals around

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Nourishing your body

Food is fuel for your body. Learning to nourish your body with the right food can help you to thrive as women not just survive on deprivation and guilt. No calorie counting on my watch, and no food plans of just rice and chicken either.  Finding a balance that works for you as a woman not a man so you are confident in the food choices you make in your everyday life.

Movement that motivates

My focus is about educating and empowering you to live a life of abundant  health and Fitness allowing you to  reach your goals in a realistic  and enjoyable way. Fitness is not a punishment but a celebration of a strong body. My approach is simple and realistic to allow consistency which is the key to achieving your strong and healthy body goals.

what we approach

How It Works?

Your body believes what you think, your thought becomes action, Action becomes behavior so keep your Positive attitude alive!

Hormonal Testing when necessary, can give us a real picture into our hormones and how they are functioning. This takes the guesswork out, can pinpoint us to the root of the problem, saving precious time when necessary.

Empowering women to achieve long lasting results through guilt free exercise programmes. Building a strong metabolism through strength training and smaller amounts of cardio to ensure we are working smarter not harder. Sessions take place outdoors at portman street gardens or at a preferred destination of your choice.

Good nutritional habits will play a key role in achieving your goals whether it’s improving your fertility, increasing energy levels, fixing period problems. It’s about making simple changes that move you in the right direction.

My passion is helping women such as yourself understand everything you need to know about your hormones and the fact they need a little attention in order for you to feel more empowered, confident & in flow.

Having a good balance of healthy bacteria in your gut is essential to having a healthy metabolism and Happy hormones. The health of your gut will influence your immune system and overall health.

Looking at diet and lifestyle can play an important role in regaining and maintaining good health. It is important to have the right vitamins and minerals to ensure adequate supply to support you.


Hormonal imbalances, Increased stress,  years of over doing cardio and under eating to get results can lead us down a rabbit hole of illness, hormonal imbalances, infertility and a slow metabolism. All of which also leads onto  poor gut health, nutrient deficiencies, increased inflammation that you may not even be aware of except for the body leaving you clues such as:

  • Monthly bloating and period issues.
  • Out of control cravings for salty and sugary treats.
  • Low confidence leading to overeating and drinking.
  • Killing yourself with cardio and getting no results.
  • Exhausted from life and a general lack of vitality.
  • Problems in getting pregnant and miscarriages.
  • PCOS, hypothyroidism, estrogen dominance.

customer story

Story Of Success

I reached out to Michelle and soon joined her 3 month Happy Hormones & Happy weight programme because I was looking for support with the fibroids, my fertility and my energy level, as I was exhausted very easily. What I really enjoyed about working with Michelle was that she made me understand the root cause of my problem. She helped me change my mindset about nutrition and having a healthy lifestyle. The shift/result that happened because of working with Michelle was that I could manage my energy levels better throughout the day and at the end of the programme I got pregnant.