Happy Hormones & Mastered metabolism programme

 90 days to Happy  Hormones 


Mastered metabolism

group programme

A 90 day women’s group coaching programme for women  between the ages of 35-45 looking to transform their health, lose weight, balance hormones, through nourishment not deprivation.




The land of Women’s Health, Hormones, Fitness, hell even being a  mom  can be overwhelming, daunting  and a little  lonely. I can absolutely relate and have been where some of you are right now. I think information on Women’s health can get way too complicated and overwhelming , so I do my best to keep things balanced and fun while still being informative.

My goal as a busy mama who turned 40 not so long ago is to help busy women in their 30’s and 40’s understand how their bodies work, what exercise gets us results, which foods help us function on full cylinders, with the time we have. So we can just get on with being the best version os us, right?!Let’s just cut through the noise and  create sustainable habits we can  maintain. No calorie counting, no hours of useless exercise causing us to gain fat and absolutely no  crash diets here.

I want to teach you how to make educated choices that work with your life, your goals. You are different from your sister, your best friend so its important you get a mentor that understands you. It can be a lonely space by yourself which is why I wanted to create a group programme, a community of women all striving for their own individual health goals. But also having that weekly accountability, education around overwhelming topics and a space for you to get questions answered. All without spending thousands on a personal Nutritionist, accountability coach and personal trainer.


So how long are you going to wait ? How many more times will you try to get results alone?

Trust yourself….. invest in yourself  for a change you deserve it….


I would love and be honoured to  be your mentor on this transformational journey.

I am so excited for the life changing results you are going to get.

M x

“A goal without a plan is just a wish”

The magic in my experience

I am going to take you on a magical journey to simply understand your body and get results. Give yourself the space to make small realistic changes around your

lifestyle, food and movement in order to get the results you need to thrive not just survive as a busy women.

  • What food heals our metabolism, our gut, our hormones.
  • What role  stress plays with our health, our weight, our energy.
  • How imbalanced blood sugar was at the root of most hormonal problems.
  • What role your liver and adrenals play with hormonal chaos or bliss.
  • How to tap into the power of nature through herbs and aromatherapy.
  • Learn to tap into your  female menstrual cycle superpowers  healing hormones and metabolism. (read more here on cycle syncing).
  • Get to grips with the types of exercises you should be doing in our 30’s and 40’s and what we should not be doing.
  • How meditation, mindset and a little moon manifestation is good for the soul and living a life that matters.

My happy ending

With support from the amazing miscarriage clinic at St Marys, London  and the power of  everything I cover in my 90 days to balanced Hormones and body confidence. I was given the greatest gift in 2017 of a little girl called Effie and again in 2019 with a beautiful little boy called Titus. Supporting my Hormones, simple strategies to managing my stressors, understanding my menstrual cycle, working with my body instead of against her, and of course some monthly moon magic were the catalyst to me having my kids, but also thriving as a busy Mum, and women running her own business.

My mission is now to empower, educate and support women in their 30’s and 40’s to live a life of Health, Happy balanced Hormones, and a strong functioning metabolism. Allowing them to thrive and be the best version of themselves and through working with their body and not against. .

I will teach you the steps to unlocking your hormonal superpowers by working Smarter not Harder so you can get on with living your life of design not a life of overwhelm, confusion and guilt.Let your best years lie ahead of you my lovely not behind you.

Come and join me and my incredible ladies on this 90 day transformational journey to Health, Happiness and confidence.


Take a minute to sit and dream my lovely …

  • Saying goodbye to calorie counting and over exercising.
  • Being in tune with your body and your 4 menstrual cycle phases.
  • Balanced moods allowing your relationships to thrive.
  • Having confidence and love for your body.
  • Let go of the guilt about prioritising your health.
  • No more exhaustion and burnout from working harder, only smarter.
  • Understanding the role nourishing food plays in healing hormones.
  • Getting off the hormonal and weight gain rollercoaster.
  • Letting go of overwhelm and stress.

What you can expect to achieve in the 90 days

  • You will have a deeper knowledge around your hormones and how to keep them balanced.
  • Understand how to eat and move during the 4 menstrual cycle phases for balanced hormones & managed stress.
  • More stable moods allowing your relationships at work & work to thrive not survive.
  • Having confidence and a new love for your body in your 30's and 40's.
  • Being in control of any hormone imbalances such as PCOS, fibroids, thyroid imbalances.
  • No more exhaustion and burnout from cardio workouts contributing to fat gain.
  • Discover how to remove toxins and anti-nutrients from your diet sucking health and vitality through simple action.
  • You will know how to introduce foods and which ones that speak directly to fat-burning and hormone balancing.
  • Discover simple family friendly recipes that rebalance your energy, metabolism and your hormones for effortless weight loss.
  • Beat overwhelm by understanding food labels and Nutrition jargon.

To live in a body we are confident with we have to know and understand the root cause of your issues, not just treating the symptoms.

The land of hormones, weight and metabolism

The land of Hormones, weight and metabolism(sat what!!)  can be a very overwhelming and confusing world. This is why I created the 90 day Happy hormones & Master your metabolism programme. A supportive group  programme designed for women between the age of 35 to 45(ish) to help you live in a body you are proud of.


Have you noticed your body changing? Gaining fat where it never used to be?

A sudden decrease in energy and snappy moods?

Do you feel like your losing your mojo and your confidence is wavering ?

Feeling anxious about things that you never used to ?

Appetite and cravings seem to be daily occurrence?

This is why moving and eating in a way that works with a women’s changing hormones gets results! I will even share a secret… you can get this by doing less and I am going to share with you how.   I am so honoured to be on this magical journey with you. Think of me as your lucky irish charm who has been to battle and came out the other end thriving. This is what I am here to support you with my lovely.

What’s included and how to get on the programme that will change your body, your mindset, heck your life…

We kick off  JAN 2022. To find out more please book a free clarity call so we can discuss the best option for you and your lifestyle .You won’t want to miss this as I will have a very special bonus for the Jan 2022 launch. So ladies take charge of your Hormones and health and change their life.

Save your spot 

No more putting yourself at the end of the to do list. It is time to step up and take control of your Health, Hormones & Happiness my lovely. I am here to support you 100%. Are you ready to transform your life?

Book a call today.

90 day Balanced Hormones & Mastered Metabolism programme

12 weeks
  • This 90 day Women's group coaching circle is about support, education and empowerment. Through 6 x bi weekly masterclasses you will be educated on what what you need to know about your menstrual cycle, your Hormones, your health. Allowing you to step away from over -whelm, deprivation, over exercising, increasing waistline and the throwing spaghetti against the wall hoping something will fix it. We will come together during the powerful new moon and full moon to set some small clear actions that will get you to those big goals. These 90 days are about progress not perfection. It is about giving yourself the permission to spend time on you investing in your future health. There will be weekly trainings and hotseats where you get an opportunity to ask whatever you need in order to move to the destination you are creating. So my question is in 1 year you will arrive. But where? To a live free of hormonal chaos, overwhelm, anxiety and low body confidence? Then its time to take 100% responsibility for your future. I am here to support you every step of the way.my lovely. X M
  • 6 pre recorded x Bi weekly masterclasses educating you on all aspects of Health, Hormones and weight loss.
  • Monthly New moon & full moon goal setting workshops (6 in total)
  • bi weekly Live Hot seats where you can get your all your questions ( Recorded for those who cannot attend live)
  • Bonus training with industry experts including breathwork, yoga, Aromatherapy, fitness, meditation, life coaching.
  • 21 day Hormonal detox plan & recipes.
  • Goal setting worksheets.
  • Ongoing email support with Michelle.
  • Menstrual cycle syncing recipes for balancing hormones.
  • Pre recorded weekly phase based menstrual cycle syncing workouts.
  • Dutch hormonal testing if needed (paid separately if booked).
  • 10% discount on any supplements ordered.
  • 10% discounts on 1-1 nutrition and personal training for more individual support.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I cannot make all the live coaching calls?

All sessions will be recorded and sent to you within 48hours. You can also submit any questions you have prior to the call so you are getting everything you need to move forward.

Do I have to join for the full 3 months?

I absolutely recommend 3 months as this is the minimum time needed to see results. You will see improvements throughout the programme. But when we look at the time needed for an egg to mature enough to be released is 90 days. My wish for all my clients is for them to succeed in their fertility and happy hormones journey which is why it is a 90 day programme. A nutritional power hour is available for those women who just need some support with one particular area to get started.

Do I need to get tested to get results?

Everything we do in The Thriving Hormones Circle is to encourage balanced hormones and long lasting results, not quick fixes. We work through a step by step protocol each month encouraging healing the whole body getting to the root of most people’s problems. Testing can give us a more in debt look into how your hormones are performing as an individual. Therefore giving you more specific  information on what to prioritise. I am happy to discuss these options with you.

I have had tests done by my doctor and everything came back normal do I still need to do this programme?

I think the fact that you still don’t feel great is an indication that all is not well. Doctors are trained to diagnose and treat disease, I am not. Your doctor will check your test results for numbers that are outside of ranges used to diagnose disease. So if your doctor says everything looks great… but you don’t feel great, I am here to help you. Unfortunately sometimes the numbers that deem normal may still mean you are under par NOT optimum level which can still cause a lot of hormonal issues for women. As a nutritionist, I can recognise the grey area between a state of disease and optimal health

Can you guarantee results?

As with most other nutritionists , I cannot guarantee results with any of my clients. The majority of my clients have had wonderful results, including pregnancies, reduced period pain, cravings, reduced weight, and managed anxiety. All from making small shifts around food and mindset. It is my goal to provide you with a road map based on the information you provide me but due to the individuality of each client I can’t guarantee a specific outcome. I am here to be your coach and cheerleader but it is you who must make the choices and implement this information to your life. But I will be here supporting you and educating you each step of the way.

Do you give refunds once the programme is started?

Unfortunately I do not give refunds once you have started on the programme.

What if I require some one-on-one coaching?

Absolutely and a lot of my group coaching clients add on some monthly 1-1 nutrition /personal training coaching for that extra 1-1 support in order to really focus on those fertility and period results.

How are the programmes delivered?

You will receive a masterclass every 2 weeks to allow you enough time to digest the information and ask any questions your have. We have weekly calls and if you cannot attend a recording will be sent to you within 48 hrs. You will receive all your worksheets by email.

I am vegetarian, can I participate in this programme?

Absolutely as I have also a vegetarian option recipe guide.

I cannot eat gluten is this programme suitable for me?

Yes absolutely the recipes are all gluten free.

I have food intolerances and allergies. Can I adapt the recipes?

Absolutely, the  recipes are designed to be low allergenic . But you can discuss this further with Michelle on swap out ideas.

What if I go off track during the programme?

The Programme is designed to give you the education to make long term decisions that impact your hormonal well being. Progress not perfection. No one is perfect 100% of the time, not even me. If you fall off track then don’t stress, accept, move on and get back on track the next day.