The Thriving Hormones Circle

Welcome to The Thriving Hormones Circle

A 90 day women’s coaching programme for Thriving & Balanced Hormones

It takes 90 days for a  mature egg to be ready for release & you only need 1 to get pregnant. Unfortunately you cannot control the number of eggs that grow which also do  decrease with age. What we can control is the quality of your eggs. I will help support you to increase fertility friendly foods whilst decreasing inflammation which will help you increase your chances of becoming pregnant naturally.

Happy ovulation = Happy periods.

The land of Hormones, periods, and fertility can be scary, daunting  and a little  lonely. I can absolutely relate and have been where some of you are right now. Perhaps on  a  journey to motherhood now or in the future  or just looking to live a life free of debilitating menstrual issues. Whether you nodded to either of these goals the priority will still be having a healthy ovulation which is responsible for symptom free periods or improved fertility.

I experienced horrific periods in my teens, and remember being curled up in bed wanting to vomit from the pain but my option given was to go on the pill.  I took the advice after all this advice was coming from my doctor !

Moving into my 30’s I remember the excitement of deciding we were going to start trying for a baby. . I mean I was fit, I was healthy and only 32. This would be easy right!? Wrong, over 5 year I experienced 5 miscarriages  including a 20 week full labour loss. Followed by reports on a possible  blocked fallopian tube, and the wrong shaped uterus. I mean give me a break universe.

I felt broken, empty and full of guilt  even though I was not at fault. But I was determined, I had a dream. After a lot of tears and wine,  I put my heart and soul into learning EVERYTHING I could to help my body and mind heal. To make my body a baby friendly machine. The knowledge of doing everything I could helped me to move from the past  and focus on the future.

“A goal without a plan is just a wish”

The magic in my experience

At the time I could not see any positives in my situation. But what I did know was I was on a mission, I had a purpose and I was driven to understanding, and  educating myself on how the female body worked.

  • What food optimized fertility, our gut, our hormones.
  • What role  stress played with optimising fertility, egg quality, period health.
  • How imbalanced blood sugar was at the root of most hormonal problems.
  • How to tap into the power of nature through herbs and aromatherapy.
  • Learning to tap into my  female menstrual cycle superpowers working with the 4 phases of my cycle to live in flow and  optimizing all my hormones and my fertility (read more here on cycle syncing).
  • Which types of exercises are best during the 4 phases to reduce stress and inflammation all negatively impacting my fertility.
  • How meditation, mindset and a little moon manifestation is good for the soul and making babies.

My happy ending

With support from the amazing miscarriage clinic at St Marys, London  and the power of  everything I will be covering in my Thriving hormones circle I was given the greatest gift in 2017 of a little girl called Effie and again in 2019 with a beautiful little boy called Titus.

My mission is now to educate and support women such as you my lovely to achieve your dream of becoming a Mama.

Or maybe you’re at the start of your journey and looking to live a life without debilitating periods holding you back from living your desired life.

Take a minute to sit and dream my lovely …

  • Saying goodbye to painful or unpredictable periods.
  • Being in tune with your body and your 4 menstrual cycle phases.
  • Balanced moods allowing your relationships to thrive.
  • Having confidence and love for your body.
  • Being in control of Pcos, fibroids, thyroid imbalances.
  • No more exhaustion and burnout from working harder, not smarter.
  • Not being frightened of coming off the pill and symptoms returning.
  • Healing after miscarriage through empowering mind and body work.
  • Holding your beautiful baby after all your amazing work here.

What you can expect to achieve in the 90 days

  • Saying goodbye to painful or unpredictable periods.
  • Being in tune with your body and your 4 menstrual cycle phases.
  • Balanced moods allowing your relationships to thrive.
  • Having confidence and love for your body.
  • Being in control of PCOS, fibroids, thyroid imbalances.
  • No more exhaustion and burnout from working harder, not smarter.
  • Not being frightened of coming off the pill and symptoms returning.
  • Healing after miscarriage through empowering mind and body work.
  • Holding your beautiful baby after all your amazing work here.

To restore natural fertility we have to know and understand the root cause of your issues, not just treating the symptoms.

The land of hormones, fertility and periods

The land of Hormones, fertility and periods can be a very lonely and confusing world. This is why I created the 90 day Thriving Hormones  circle. A supportive educational programme designed to help you achieve Happy periods and boost your fertility wherever you are at in your journey. I am so honoured to be on this magical journey with you. Think of me as your lucky irish charm who has been to battle and came out the other end thriving. This is what I am here to support you with my lovely.

What’s included and how to get on the programme that will change your body, your mindset, heck your life…

Be the first to hear when doors open by popping your details in the box below. You won’t want to miss this as I will have a very special bonus for those first 10 amazing ladies on the list who are ready to take charge and master their hormones and their fertility.

This is a small group coaching programme so I can really focus on each and every member so don’t miss out on holding your spot when doors open late 2021.

Save your spot 

In the meantime you can get me all to yourself by choosing one of my 1-1 packages

90 day Thriving Hormones group coaching programme

12 weeks
  • 12 weeks of interactive workshops & support from me, your fertility mentor and expert guest speakers. Each week you will be learning something new & exciting in a community of like minded supportive women. Setting clear goals and creating an action plan on how to increase your fertility in order to have happy periods and a baby friendly environment. Having a community of women for support is magic. Having weekly group coaching allows you to keep on track through realistic clear concise action and accountability. A winning combo getting you those desired results.
  • Bi weekly masterclasses (6 in total).
  • Monthly new moon & full moon 3 group coaching calls (6 in total).
  • Cook along hot seats where you can get your questions answered and meal prepping for the week.
  • Bonus training with industry experts.
  • Monthly quiz’s and prizes.
  • Period report cards to track progress.
  • Goal setting worksheets.
  • Menu planning worksheets.
  • Fertility friendly cycle syncing recipes.
  • Phase based cycle syncing workouts.
  • Dutch hormonal testing if needed (paid separately if booked).
  • 10% discount on any supplements ordered.
  • 10% discounts on 1-1 nutrition and personal training for more individual support.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I cannot make all the live coaching calls?

All sessions will be recorded and sent to you within 24 hours. You can also submit any questions you have prior to the call.

Do I have to join for the full 3 months?

I absolutely recommend 3 months as this is the minimum time needed to see results. You will see improvements throughout the programme. But when we look at the time needed for an egg to mature enough to be released is 90 days. My wish for all my clients is for them to succeed in their fertility and happy hormones journey which is why it is a 90 day programme. A nutritional power hour is available for those women who just need some support with one particular area to get started.

Do I need to get tested to get results?

Everything we do in The Thriving Hormones Circle is to encourage balanced hormones and long lasting results, not quick fixes. We work through a step by step protocol each month encouraging healing the whole body getting to the root of most people’s problems. Testing can give us a more in debt look into how your hormones are performing as an individual. Therefore giving you more specific  information on what to prioritise. I am happy to discuss these options with you.

I have had tests done by my doctor and everything came back normal do I still need to do this programme?

I think the fact that you still don’t feel great is an indication that all is not well. Doctors are trained to diagnose and treat disease, I am not. Your doctor will check your test results for numbers that are outside of ranges used to diagnose disease. So if your doctor says everything looks great… but you don’t feel great, I am here to help you. Unfortunately sometimes the numbers that deem normal may still mean you are under par NOT optimum level which can still cause a lot of hormonal issues for women. As a nutritionist, I can recognise the grey area between a state of disease and optimal health

Can you guarantee results?

As with most other nutritionists , I cannot guarantee results with any of my clients. The majority of my clients have had wonderful results, including pregnancies, reduced period pain, cravings, reduced weight, and managed anxiety. All from making small shifts around food and mindset. It is my goal to provide you with a road map based on the information you provide me but due to the individuality of each client I can’t guarantee a specific outcome. I am here to be your coach and cheerleader but it is you who must make the choices and implement this information to your life. But I will be here supporting you and educating you each step of the way.

Do you give refunds once the programme is started?

Unfortunately I do not give refunds once you have started on the programme.

What if I require some one-on-one coaching?

Absolutely and a lot of my group coaching clients add on some monthly 1-1 nutrition /personal training coaching for that extra 1-1 support in order to really focus on those fertility and period results.

How are the programmes delivered?

This is something we will discuss as each programme differs. I offer online, face to face, and group coaching. You will have workshops, cheat sheets, workbooks and recipe guides to help you map on each part of your wellness journey making it as effective and user friendly as possible.

I am vegetarian, can I participate in this programme?

Absolutely as I have also a vegetarian option recipe guide.

I cannot eat gluten is this programme suitable for me?

Yes absolutely the recipes are all gluten free.

I have food intolerances and allergies. Can I adapt the recipes?

Absolutely, the  recipes are designed to be low allergenic . But you can discuss this further with Michelle on swap out ideas.

What if I go off track during the programme?

The Programme is designed to give you the education to make long term decisions that impact your hormonal well being. Progress not perfection. No one is perfect 100% of the time, not even me. If you fall off track then don’t stress, accept, move on and get back on track the next day.