Postnatal strong mama fitness class

How it started-9 pillers

I wanted to reach out and teach classes especially designed with  busy mums to be and busy new mums in mind.  This is why the postnatal strong mama class was born. Time, energy and childcare are big constraints to any mum to be or busy  mum looking  get stronger, fitter, leaner and healthier.   I know first hand all about this constraints being  a busy mama of 2 small kiddies myself . These are the  solutions I came up with in my life to help with these barriers. 9 pillars to help you achieve your pre and post natal goals.

  • Keeping a level of fitness and health throughout pregnancy to help recover quicker after birth and help prevent issues such as Diastasis Recti, back issues, excess weight gain.
  • Bring the bubs along to any of my bubs and mums classes.
  • Short circuit style Intervals throughout the class concentrating on problematic areas such as 1. Bad posture 2.Weak glutes and core, 3.Tight hip flexors and lower back 4.Stubborn fat and cellulite.
  • Food plans and recipes the whole family can enjoy(no more cooking 3 different meals to please everyone)
  • Food diary analysis and food plans will ensure you stay on track with your new healthy eating regime.
  • Batch cooking(taking 30 minutes x 2 a week to prep ahead what you need which saves on time and energy in the long run)
  • Golden shopping lists so your pantry is stocked with those ingredients necessary at all times.
  • Short take home workouts of 15-20 minutes that you can pick and choose from and do in the comfort of your home.
  • Goal setting and accountability  to ensure progression and goals are being achieved.

Goals of strong mama

  1. Work towards regaining self confidence, get stronger, leaner. Regain core and pelvic floor strength through safe functional exercises (NO SIT UPS HERE). Feel  comfortable in your own skin and be happy with your body(after all it has done an amazing thing by creating another human).
  2. To meet other mums, while bonding with your baby and begin your own transformation journey with other New Body and Soul mums. It is so important to build a supportive community of other mums around you for both mind and body.
  3. To build your strength and fitness through personalised programmes and suitable exercises.
  4. To improve your Nutrition and eating habits to increase energy levels and improve overall health.


What some of my strong mama’s have said

Becky Tuff 

I started going to Michelle’s classes since my baby was 6 weeks old and he is now 6 months. I have lost all my baby weight and can attribute that to Michelle’s classes and advice.

Her classes are really enjoyable as she adapts the class to your level and how far post natal you are. She makes sure that you start back to exercise in a safe way and have the right technique as well as making it more challenging when you are ready.
Everyone who attends her classes are really friendly and she promotes that by making sure she introduces everyone at the beginning of a class. You can get some great tips from the other mums (not necessarily exercise related!).
The best part is that you can bring your baby with you and it’s no trouble if you need to stop to sooth or feed your baby.
What are you waiting for? If you are looking to return to exercise safely or get back in shape since having a baby then give it a go!


Nina Foote 

I have been coming to Michelle’s Strong Mamas classes for several months during my maternity leave – both when they were live at the Carpenter’s Arms and now online through Zoom. I always enjoy the sessions – great bunch of other mums and really nice sense of community, plus I always ached at the end so knew it was working! My fitness and strength has improved and Michelle is great at focusing on individual technique, which has been really helpful, even in there online classes. I would recommend the Strong Mamas classes! 


Please ensure you have had your 6 week post natal check and are cleared to take part in an exercise programme or  10 weeks post cesarean.