Online Postnatal classes



Strong Mama postnatal fitness classes london are available face to face and  online..

Face to face classes

Where: Portman street gardens (just off baker street)

When: Wednesdays 10.30 am -11-11.15

Cost: £10 per class

What do I need?: Grab a mat/Towel, and bottle of water. if you have exercise bands bring along but i will always have some spare to lend you.

Online postnatal classes: 

Please join me every week for a fun and challenging postnatal online class. Grab those packets of pasta, cans of beans, tights(Yep) cushions and chairs and join in.

Contact for the link and directions on how to join.

When : Tuesday & Thursdays am

Cost: £20 per week

Time, energy and childcare are big constraints for any mum to be or busy  mum looking to get stronger, fitter, leaner and healthier. This is the reason we encourage mums to bring along their baby to postnatal classes during those ever so special early days.

With so much conflicting information available it can be extremely overwhelming to a new mum. My aim is to provide helpful Information and  motivation using my experience as a mum and an experienced postnatal trainer.

Class goals are regaining self confidence, feel stronger, leaner,  regain core and pelvic floor strength through safe functional exercises (NO SIT UPS HERE) to feel  comfortable in your own skin and be happy with your body(after all it has done an amazing thing by creating another human being).


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Please ensure you have had your 6 week post natal check and are cleared to take part in an exercise programme or  10 weeks post cesarean.


What my lovely clients are saying

Natalie Sadler- Mum & City banker

I have trained with Michelle for more than 6 years and I can honestly say she is one of the best trainers I have ever worked with.  Michelle offers a blend of expert nutritional advice (but in a realistic and balanced way) along with first rate strength and fitness training that really delivers results.  Michelle will work you hard but in a way that will make you want to work. Not only does she deliver great instruction and results but she lives her advice and having two small children understands the challenges of juggling work, family and exercise!  I have a lot of fun but also know I’ve worked really hard!  Highly recommend Michelle!!


Nina Foote- New mum

I have been coming to Michelle’s Strong Mamas classes for several months during my maternity leave – both when they were live at the Carpenter’s Arms and now online through Zoom. I always enjoy the sessions – great bunch of other mums and really nice sense of community, plus I always ached at the end so knew it was working! My fitness and strength has improved and Michelle is great at focusing on individual technique, which has been really helpful, even in there online classes. I would recommend the Strong Mamas classes!

Becky Tuff -Mum & City worker

I started going to Michelle’s classes since my baby was 6 weeks old and he is now 6 months. I have lost all my baby weight and can attribute that to Michelle’s classes and advice.

Her classes are really enjoyable as she adapts the class to your level and how far post natal you are. She makes sure that you start back to exercise in a safe way and have the right technique as well as making it more challenging when you are ready.

She also does both indoor and outdoor classes. If the weather is awful then she brings all classes indoors so no need to worry about the baby being out in the rain!

Everyone who attends her classes are really friendly and she promotes that by making sure she introduces everyone at the beginning of a class. You can get some great tips from the other mums (not necessarily exercise related!).
The best part is that you can bring your baby with you and it’s no trouble if you need to stop to sooth or feed your baby.


Indoor Strongmama


Classes include short circuit style intervals concentrating on problematic areas such as

  • Bad posture
  • Weak glutes and core
  • Tight hip flexors and lower back
  • Stubborn fat and cellulite

We use a variety of kit in this class with toys to keep the little one entertained while you concentrate on your workout.

Mum’s Group PT


(Online)Group Personal training provides all of the benefits of 1-1 but within a group environment(4- 6 women)

  • These sessions are based around  Functional fitness training, mirroring  what we do with our children every day; squatting, lunging, turning twisting , carrying and swinging a weight around. Functional fitness training focuses on getting you stronger and leaner whilst reduces the risk of back pain and muscular strains.
  • This class builds camaraderie within a fun environment and includes multi kit use, kettlebells, boxing, weights, bands, bodyweight and vipr to name a few.



Bump Fit

Exercise during pregnancy has shown to

  • improve recovery time after pregnancy
  • Reduces aches and pains as you progress through pregnancy
  • Improve on general fitness getting you ready both physically and mentally for labor and life as a new mum.

Exercises are adapted to all stages of pregnancy, working on improving and strengthening areas pregnancy impacts most, keeping you fit, strong and empowered during your pregnancy.


Please get in touch for a free 30 minute discovery call to discuss your needs.