Postnatal classes -

Postnatal classes

Time, energy and childcare are big constraints for any mum to be or busy  mum looking to get stronger, fitter, leaner and healthier. This is the reason we encourage mums to bring along their baby to postnatal classes during those ever so special early days.

With so much conflicting information available it can be extremely overwhelming to a new mum. My aim is to provide helpful Information and  motivation using my experience as a mum and an experienced postnatal trainer.

Class goals are regaining self confidence, feel stronger, leaner,  regain core and pelvic floor strength through safe functional exercises (NO SIT UPS HERE) to feel  comfortable in your own skin and be happy with your body(after all it has done an amazing thing by creating another human being).


Post natal Classes - 6 classes £72 (valid for 8 weeks)

Indoor Strongmama
(mum and baby)
Tuesday: 9.45-10.30
The Carpenters Arms, Seymour Place - Function room
Mum's Group PT
(no babies)
Contact for detailsThe Carpenters Arms, Seymour Place - Function room
Buggy moversReturns Spring 2020TBC
Bump FitComing soonPlease contact for details

Please ensure you have had your 6 week post natal check and are cleared to take part in an exercise programme or  10 weeks post cesarean.

Indoor Strongmama


Classes include short circuit style intervals concentrating on problematic areas such as

  • Bad posture
  • Weak glutes and core
  • Tight hip flexors and lower back
  • Stubborn fat and cellulite

We use a variety of kit in this class with toys to keep the little one entertained while you concentrate on your workout.

Mum’s Group PT


Group Personal training provides all of the benefits of 1-1 but within a group environment(4- 6 women)

  • These sessions are based around  Functional fitness training, mirroring  what we do with our children every day; squatting, lunging, turning twisting , carrying and swinging a weight around. Functional fitness training focuses on getting you stronger and leaner whilst reduces the risk of back pain and muscular strains.
  • This class builds camaraderie within a fun environment and includes multi kit use, kettlebells, boxing, weights, bands, bodyweight and vipr to name a few.


Buggy Movers

Buggy movers is a fun effective outdoor workout, including the opportunity to meet other mums in the area whilst focusing on your health and fitness..

It includes exercises travelling with your buggy for warm up, before moving onto  a fun filled workout which will  include partner work through functional cardio and strength building moves, using your body weight and resistance bands to give you a total body workout. This class focuses on all the areas pregnancy has impacted on, building up strength and confidence again.

Bump Fit

Exercise during pregnancy has shown to

  • improve recovery time after pregnancy
  • Reduces aches and pains as you progress through pregnancy
  • Improve on general fitness getting you ready both physically and mentally for labor and life as a new mum.

Exercises are adapted to all stages of pregnancy, working on improving and strengthening areas pregnancy impacts most, keeping you fit, strong and empowered during your pregnancy.