Pre & Post natal Nutrition programmes

Pre & Post natal Nutrition programmes

Becoming a mum is the most wonderful but challenging  role in the world. It is totally life-changing. So many emotions, out of whack hormones and a lot of new things for a new mum to get a grasp on.  Which is why we will not be adding to the overwhelming pot of to do lists. Instead we will look at whatever stage you are at in your journey as a mum. A mum to be or a new mum. It is normal to feel a little guilt around putting yourself first. But guess what mama, when you feel good, happy and in control, everything around you does too.

“You are amazing Mama, just remember that asking for support is a strength not a weakness”

Finding yourself nodding along to any of these?

  • Do you need support  & guidance through the noisy space of Health & Wellness.  
  • Do you feel  overwhelmed  and confused by conflicting industry advice?
  • Are you under-eating & counting calories and still not getting the results? 
  • Does your mood switch from happy to sad to angry through the month?
  • Energy changing through each trimester?
  • Perhaps issues such as gestational diabetes  have come up?
  • Snacking on sugary food just to get through days and long nights?
  • You just don’t have the time or energy to cook the food you should be eating?

Helping mums to thrive not just survive in motherhood.

How I can help you thrive, achieve happy balanced hormones in order to have stable moods, happy weight, consistent energy and body confidence my fabulous Mama.

  • Your body has done an incredible thing, but I totally understand the need to feel a little of our old self also. Something I also remember feeling as a new mum
  • I will teach you a new understanding of how your body works, skills for life around mindset, sleep, food planning to keep you thriving not surviving as a Mama
  • I will help you to work smarter NOT harder as I see so many mums doing. I will keep it simple and realistic for you in order to see those ongoing results you deserve. No counting calories and no hours tied to the kitchen here Mama

Pricing & Packages

During our time working together we will be focusing on…

  • Reducing inflammation in the body, nourishing your gut. All of which are needed for a happy pregnancy and balancing hormones postnatally
  • Food that heals and energises, but also that tastes great. No deprivation or calorie counting, just real food for real women. Whilst making changes for life around your Nutrition, Fitness & overall mindset. A winning formula for any new mums
  • Balancing your blood sugar through clever plating up and introducing foods that support this process in order to keep energy and mood great and cravings at bay. All of which support your immune system, your hormones and your gut
  • Once your periods have returned I can support you to tap into your hormonal super powers through the power of key foods during the 4 phases of your cycle known as The cycle syncing formula, the importance of good sleep hygiene which is crucial, and the power of self care in order to thrive as a new mama not survive.
  • Exercises that help you reconnect with your body.. We will work from the inside out activating your core and pelvic floor to help prepare for labour and postnatally restore function and strength.
  • Using a mix of exercises including bodyweight, resistance bands and mat work.

What’s included

1-1 x 6 week Nutrition package

In full
  • 1-1 work will provide you with a plan designed around your strengths, weaknesses and your individual goals. Every mom and mom to be is unique so I will support you with the changes you need to make and what you need to bring to your life in order to thrive as a new mama or mama to be.
  • A personalised, in depth 1-1 programme combining Nutrition to support Your Pre or post baby magical journey.
  • Tasty and family friendly recipes.
  • Initial 1 hour online Nutrition consultation.
  • 2 x 30 min follow up bi weekly.
  • Unlimited email contact throughout your programme.
  • Unlimited 1-1 support & mentoring through the noisy space of postnatal Nutrition.
  • 10% discount on any supplements & workshops ordered through the programme.
  • NOTE: Please contact Michelle for details on a one off Nutritional power hour which is available for women who may need just a little support & advice on a particular topic.

1-1 6 x week Nutrition & Personal training package

In full
  • A personalised, in depth 1-1 programme combining Nutrition & exercise to support Your Pre or post baby magical journey.
  • An initial 1 hour Nutrition consultation.
  • 2 x 30 min follow up bi weekly. A personalised exercise programme to support whatever stage of motherhood you are on. Designed to strengthen and support your body. Not to exhaust you even further.
  • Tasty and family friendly recipes.
  • Unlimited email contact throughout your programme.
  • Unlimited 1-1 support & mentoring through the noisy space of postnatal fitness.
  • 6 x 1 hour pt sessions.
  • Postnatal Diastasis recti checks and healing advice protocol.
  • 10% discount on any supplements & workshops ordered through the programme.
  • NOTE: Please ensure you have had your 6 or 12 week GP check and are signed off to start exercising.
  • NOTE: For Pre and Postnatal personal training only please refer to fitness services page.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you guarantee results?

As with most other Nutritionists , I cannot guarantee results with any of my clients. The majority of my clients have had wonderful results, including pregnancies, reduced period pain, cravings, reduced weight, and managed anxiety. All  from making small shifts around food and mindset. It is my goal to provide you with a road map based on the information you provide me but due to the individuality of each client I can’t guarantee a specific outcome. I am here to be your coach and cheerleader but it is you who must make the choices and implement this information to your life. But I will be here supporting you and educating you each step of the way.

Do you give refunds once the programme is started?

Unfortunately I do not give refunds once you have started on the programme.

I am still a little unsure if this programme is right for me?

It is always a little daunting committing to something for you. I also know from my own personal fertility journey how hard it can be when you have tried and tried without success. I would love to have a no obligation chat and talk through any questions you may have. I can explain the how and why’ s and have a straight up conversation about how this programme is here to educate you and empower you to know and work with the power of your 5th vital sign, your period.

Do I need to do hormonal testing?

There are plenty of ways to see results without testing, which I will support you with in my programmes. . If it’s been a chronic long term concern or of urgency then I recommend testing to really save time and be specific on your starting point and areas of particular concern.

How quickly can I exercise after having a baby?

I recommend you have your 6 week or 12 week GP check after a C-section  before  you start any exercise plan.

I have irregular or missing periods so can your programme help me?

Our period is our 5th vital sign. If you are experiencing these issues my programmes will empower you and educate you. By  focusing on healing your body, removing inflammation and educating you on your period and what influences it both positively and negatively we can start your journey of happy periods.

I have experienced miscarriages. Can your programme help me?

I know first hand the emotional stress and grief of such losses. There are a number of reasons women experience miscarriages and one of the reasons I developed this programme was to educate and help women like myself who have experienced such a loss. I can support you to balance hormones, reduce inflammation, reduce stress, and understand the importance of mindset which are some of the areas which need to be addressed after miscarriage. And more importantly a community of women who will support you.

I am still unsure which nutrition program is most suitable for me?

I absolutely understand how scary and confusing it can be at first.  I advise you to book a free no obligation chat where I can talk you through each programme, duration, benefits and suitability to your time and budget.

I am not a great cook, will I have to prepare lots of complicated recipes?

No, there will be lots of no fuss easy recipes to follow. The main focus is quality ingredients that nourish the body back to optimum health.

Can I bring my baby with me to the Postnatal personal training sessions?

Absolutely and I can incorporate some of the exercises into the routine to help keep baby happy and bonding time between you two.

Can I have a 1 off nutrition consultation?

Yes I do offer a Nutritional power hour which is for women who are happy to just get some questions answered and are motivated enough to get on with the rest.

I am on medication so are your Hormone packages suitable for me?

I can work closely with your medical advisor when details are provided and make sure there are no interactions with any supplements, foods and medications on the advice of your healthcare provider. It is of course your own responsibility to ensure all questions and information are answered honestly to ensure full safety.

I have tried other Nutrition programmes. How is this different?

This is absolutely not another calorie counting diet. There is no deprivation, or eating chicken and rice all day. It is my years of experience helping you to understand your body, Learn how to work with  your cycle which is your 5th vital sign. You will Feel empowered, educated and motivated with an understanding of your next step.

How are the programmes delivered?

This is something we will discuss as each programme differs. I offer online, face to face, and group coaching. You will have workshops, cheat sheets, workbooks and recipe guides to help you map on each part of your wellness journey making it as effective and user friendly as possible.

I am vegetarian, can I participate in this programme?

Absolutely as I have also a vegetarian option recipe guide.

I cannot eat gluten is this programme suitable for me?

Yes absolutely the recipes are all gluten free.

I have food intolerances and allergies. Can I adapt the recipes?

Absolutely, the  recipes are designed to be low allergenic. But you can discuss this further with Michelle on swap out ideas.

What if I go off track during the programme?

The Programme is designed to give you the education to make long term decisions that impact your hormonal well being. Progress not perfection. No one is perfect 100% of the time, not even me. If you fall off track then don’t stress, accept, move on and get back on track the next day.