Understand how to detoxify & reset your Hormones for optimised fertility 5th Nov




Date: Nov 5th  7 – 8.30pm

Ladies our hormones are literally running the show. From how energised we are, how efficient our metabolism is working, how well we respond to stress, our ovulation pattern  and overall fertility health. If you are looking to get pregnant this year then this is the workshop for you.

During this 90 minute workshop I will help demystify your period symptoms and teach you to understand your individual hormonal signs through my happy hormone quiz.  You will learn and understand the next valuable steps you need to take in order to get rid of any period, hormonal issues you have put up with until now in order to have better periods and a baby friendly body .


I will be sharing my years of  fertility tips & experience  around fertility and please do read my story here  https://newbodyandsoul.com/about/ to understand why I am so passionate about helping other women with their fertility.

  1. We will be doing some life changing mindset work  in order to rid our minds of any negative patterns and beliefs around our body.
  2. Understanding each phase of your cycle will help you to understand your body’s signs and is our divine superpower as a woman.
  3. I will be teaching you about fertility -friendly foods and not so friendly foods.
  4. Understanding the importance of those 90 days before conception.
  5. How to make your kitchen & bathroom as fertility friendly as possible.
  6. Understanding which exercises can negatively impact getting pregnant.
  7. What superstar oils can help support balanced hormones.
  8. Supplements to support your hormonal quiz type.

Because it’s coming into the holiday season You will also receive a FREE BONUS- My 21 day hormonal detox & reset ebook which  includes 21 days of recipes to help support you on the optimized fertility ladder.

If you cannot make the live workshop I will send you the recorded version within 48 hours and you can submit any questions to me once you have watched.

Photo by Ava Sol on Unsplash

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