Fertility & Miscarriage support

Firstly if you are here because you have experienced a miscarriage, or have been experiencing difficulty with getting pregnant I am sorry and I see you.

I know first hand how difficult this can be. I also know the thoughts that might be running through your mind. I have been down that path. Having struggled month after month with negative pregnancy tests. The strain on relationships and the strain on your own mental health. Perhaps for some the lack of acknowledgement, education  and not  knowing the right words to say ….

My own personal 6 year journey of miscarriage after miscarriage changed me. But it also moulded me into my present self, which  led me to an amazing career in which I am determined to help Women understand their bodies better. Being  informed & educated helps you when to make the right decisions for  your body. Feeling empowered to understand what doctors and specialists were saying to me about my body allowed me to take some power back on this difficult jounrney!  

Understanding the role of food, movement, inflammation  and mindset allowed me to focus on what I had control over. Creating a beautiful welcoming space for my much wanted baby was what I chose to focus on. Luckily for me I was blessed to go on and have 2 healthy children but I know for many of you the journey has only begun. 

My period power community is here to support and to help you do the same.

How I can support you in your fertility journey...

Your Personalised Fertility Plan

A healthy balanced diet does not mean all treats are banned! Everyone knows that eating vegetables and drinking more water is healthy, but implementing these long-term changes and breaking bad habits is tough. My step-by-step programme supports you through the changes, educating you about nutrition and helping you make small adjustments that will make a big difference. You don’t have to be perfect all the time and there are not crash diets that destroy your metabolism. It’s about making simple changes that move you in the right direction and don’t overwhelm you.

Nourish Your Body

The foundations of health lie within how we nourish our body. Not only what we eat but what we are actually absorbing from our food. Supporting our gut, blood sugar & inflammatory contributors  supports healthy cycles, ovulation, egg quality, & inflammation reduction.  

Detoxification Pathways

We are surrounded by so many toxins in our environment, food, and products that we are unaware of. All of which lead to factors that work against optimum fertility. Step by step we will work on removing these hidden  toxins that may be contributing to your fertility challenges.

Spiritual Connection

The mind and body connection is wonderfully powerful. Spiritual connection is an important part of the work we do. Looking at lifestyle,  stress & attitude  in your life to create a beautiful space in your life to welcome your baby into. 

Supplements & Testing

 If needed, specific testing can give us a deeper understanding of what is happening on a cellular level. After we have worked on your fertility foundations, supplements can be a fantastic addition to support your cycles, ovulation, vaginal and gut health.

I see you there…

  • You may be feeling lost and confused on where to even start. 
  • You don’t have the support to do this on your own. 
  • You may even have lost hope & courage during this journey . 
  • Maybe even been through rigorous testing and yet no clear answers.

As a qualified Nutritionist and Personal trainer, certified hormone coach with the institute of Menstrual health  & aromatherapist who has worked with hundreds of Women on their health, hormones and Fertility over the last 16 years.  My passion is to bring  my extensive knowledge and experience in supporting you through your fertility journey. I have also walked in your shoes lovely and am here to support you and guide you on the path to motherhood, self love & self discovery.  


My passion is helping busy women in their 30’s and 40’s struggling with body confidence, weight gain and hormonal chaos so they can live a thriving confident  life in a body they are proud of.


To empower and educate women  on their bodies and hormones through  my 90 day Happy Hormones and mastered metabolism programme. Every women deserves to feel empowered and confident knowing their best days can be ahead of them not behind.


I have over 15 years experience helping people achieve their beautiful goals around their health, hormones,  weight and energy. . I also have walked in the shoes of many women including burn out, overwhelm, low body confidence, infertility and the hormonal chaos on turning 40.