Menstrual cycle syncing

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What is Menstrual Cycle syncing?

Ladies, we are truly magnificent creatures, regardless of the daily wobbles and occasional spurts of chaos that comes alongside the privilege. Hormones certainly have a lot to answer for. They headline everything we do daily. But what if we could embrace our hormonal superpowers, live our best life, and bring a little balance to where it’s needed.

Cycle syncing  is not a diet or a new fad but instead a clever practice where we align our food, exercise even our diary when possible around the different phases of your menstrual cycle. Optimizing fat loss, balanced hormones, fertility, digestion and mood.

The solutions I offer to help you tap into your hormonal superpowers.

Why does menstrual cycle syncing work for women?

As women our hormones fluctuate on a 28-35 day ish cycle. During this time, we have 4 phases of our cycle. All of which require different nutrients to optimize hormonal function.

  • Menstrual phase day 1- 5ish (until your period ends)
  • Follicular phase day 6-12ish (when your period ends until you ovulate)
  • Ovulatory phase day 12-16ish (shortest phase)
  • Luteal phase day 16-28ish (Longest phase where most PMT symptoms are experienced)

How would I know if I have imbalanced hormones?

During each phase, our hormones are at different ratios which is totally normal. But when hormones become out of balance due to poor nutrition, mis-managed stress, poor sleep to name a few things then this can lead to all sorts of issues. One way to analyse symptoms is hormone testing and I do offer Dutch hormone testing when needed. but our body is very clever at leaving us clues if we take the time to listen. Some of the symptoms I myself, and my clients have experienced include:

  • Horrific PMT.
  • Low moods.
  • Infertility.
  • Heavy painful periods.
  • Weight gain especially around the middle.
  • Skin issues such as breakouts, excess oil and dryness.
  • Joint issues.
  • Gut problems such as bloating, water retention, constipation.

What are some of the reasons women suffer from imbalanced hormones?

  • Mismanaged stress.
  • Under eating & negative food patterns.
  • Being overweight & undernourished.
  • High inflammation due to high consumption of processed foods and diet.
  • Poor gut & liver function.
  • Mismanaged blood sugar.
  • Nutrient deficiencies.
  • Over use of toxic skincare, cleaning and self care products.
  • Food intolerances & allergies.
  • Overdoing cardio workouts.

How difficult is it to get hormones back in balance?

At first balancing hormones can feel alien and feel a little like a balancing act. But once you get the ingredients right it changes your whole perspective. The good news is when we listen and nourish our body it can bring balance and flow to all areas of your life including your confidence, your work and relationships. Because when you are in flow everything around you is, would you agree?

Is cycle syncing for me?

The short answer is yes, every woman can benefit from syncing their cycle.

It can be especially helpful if you:

  • Looking to get pregnant soon or struggling to get pregnant.
  • High achievers & busy women running on stress hormones (think wired but tired).
  • PMS symptoms, anxiety, cravings, low libido, angry outbursts.
  • Heavy, painful, or irregular periods.
  • Exercising & not seeing any results (exhausted).
  • Oestrogen dominant conditions-Fibroids, endometriosis, PCOS.
  • Apple and pear shape women struggling with weight loss & belly fat.
  • Gut issues such as bloating, water retention, and inflammation.


My passion is helping women such as yourselves  understand your body, listen to your body and to get real results through nourishing food, motivating movement and meaningful mindset shifts.


To empower women through nutritional and fitness education and supportive programmes that change lives and allow you to live your best life with confidence and in flow.


I have over 15 years experience helping people achieve their beautiful goals around Nutrition, fitness and mindset . I also have walked in the shoes of many women including burn out, overwhelm, low body confidence and infertility.