Period Problems & PMS

It is time to leave Period problems and PMS in the past where they belong.

We have been fed this crap for so long now that we almost believe it. No more I say… Period problems are not a normal part of being a woman. They are not something you just have to put up with as we have been led to believe. Period problems are a message(sometimes a scream!) that your body is not happy about something..

You are in the right place if you…

    1. Are rattling with pills, supplements and self help books.
    2. Have been told it’s a normal part of being a woman.
    3. Find it hard to navigate solutions by yourself.
    4. Are putting your life on hold for a week every month.  
    5. Worried about coming off birth control.
    6. Are worried about problems getting pregnant.
    7. Are breaking out in acne and bloating every month.
    8. Are told all your tests are normal but you feel crap.

How I can help you...

My passion is supporting Women like you to get to the root cause of their period and Pmt hell and fix it. Not with a pill, not with cutting out everything you love and absolutely not hours in the gym. I want you to love your body and no longer feel like a stranger in your own skin.

Imagine for a moment that you are on a beautiful desert island and  your hormones throughout the month have no internet service…

But the week of your period the internet kicks in….yesss its your hormones time to shine and they can get their message Hormone SOS” to you… The result…. horrific periods, moods, Pmt, cramps, and the list continues…

Here is how we start my lovely..

Feel powerful

Understanding the root causes of hormonal imbalances & Pmt puts you back in the driving seat of your own health. Taking back body control and having confidence in your beautiful body.

Feel body confident

Imagine not dreading your period month after month. No more anxiety , no more hating your body , just total control and confidence. 

Feel supported

No more googling symptoms, no more trying a million useless  gimmicks. I am here to be your mentor, your teacher, your hormone bestie. Let’s do this!

Guilt free

By learning about exactly what drives your symptoms you can take control of your hormones in any season as a woman whether its  your fertility, perimenopause or overall  health as a woman.

I am ready to transform my life Michelle

I know how lovely it feels to feel so low about period and Pmt issues. You feel like nothing can change. You might be thinking I have done all the diets, all the pills, all the programmes. This is  what a lot of my past clients also thought. Until they took a leap of faith, believed they could achieve this with the right support and more importantly gave themselves the gift of time. I would love to get to know you better and I am waiting below so lets move you away from old limiting beliefs that society has thrown us with. Book a Free Hormone MOT call and let’s figure it out together..


My passion is helping women such as yourselves  understand your body, listen to your body and to get real results through nourishing food, motivating movement and meaningful mindset shifts. Take one step and watch magic happen.


To empower women through nutritional and fitness education that change lives and allow you to live your best life with confidence and in flow. By understanding your root cause and stressors we can create the change you need to live a life of confidence.


I have over 15 years experience helping women such as you achieve their  goals around Fertility, fat loss, anxiety, hormonal issues and gut problems . I also have walked in the shoes of many women including burn out, overwhelm, low body confidence and infertility.