Supporting pre-pregnancy & postnatal

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Eating your way to a healthier and happier pregnancy

Planning to have a baby is such a special and exciting time for you! If you are trying to conceive, then being healthier will not only benefit you and increase your chances of getting pregnant, but it can also benefit your baby’s future health. Improving your nutritional habits and increasing your physical fitness, can also help to reduce some common pregnancy complications and will ensure you have a healthier and happier pregnancy.

I have studied with internationally renowned experts in the field of fertility and pregnancy to ensure I deliver the highest possible level of care. Including Jenny Burrell one of the Uk’s leading pre and postnatal experts. My own personal long-term fertility issues were the reason I now support other mums and mums to be. Please read my story here.

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Do you want to maximise your chances of conceiving?

When are you planning to have a baby? The ideal time to start getting your body healthy for pregnancy is three months before you want to conceive. My step-by-step programme supports you through

  • Fertility friendly foods to include.
  • Fertility Limiting exposures.
  • Exercises adaptations to improve fertility.
  • Test and supplement recommendations if needed.
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Keeping you and your baby healthy through pregnancy

What you choose to eat during pregnancy and your choice of lifestyle, can have a profound effect on your health and the development of your baby.

Easy to follow Step-by-step pregnancy programmes.

  • Tailored to your body and your stage of pregnancy.
  • Exercise that strengthens and supports your body.
  • Food that nourishes each stage of pregnancy.

Supporting your recovery post-pregnancy

During your pregnancy, your body was completely devoted to your baby needs. After the pregnancy it is completely normal to feel  depleted, so it’s essential to start looking after your own health.

  • Quick nutrient rich food plans.
  • Restorative recovery exercise.
  • Progression as you get stronger.
  • Lifestyle & stress support.

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My passion is helping women such as yourselves  understand your body, listen to your body and to get real results through nourishing food, motivating movement and meaningful mindset shifts.


To empower women through nutritional and fitness education and supportive programmes that change lives and allow you to live your best life with confidence and in flow.


I have over 15 years experience helping people achieve their beautiful goals around Nutrition, fitness and mindset . I also have walked in the shoes of many women including burn out, overwhelm, low body confidence and infertility.