Weight loss without diets

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Empowering you to live a life free of deprivation and guilt

Eating a nourishing nutrient rich  diet is an essential part of being healthy, happy, positive and full of vitality. Good nutritional habits will play a key role in achieving your goals. Whether it’s improving your health, increasing energy levels, healing your hormones,fixing period problems, fat loss or just feeling good in your own skin. Understanding the role food plays in any of these issues is the most powerful steps you can take to get long term results- not just quick meaningless fixes.

The solutions I offer to help you feel comfortable in your own skin and body confident.

Personalised Nutrition plan

A healthy balanced diet does not mean all treats are banned! Everyone knows that eating vegetables and drinking more water is healthy, but implementing these long-term changes and breaking bad habits is tough. My step-by-step programme supports you through the changes, educating you about nutrition and helping you make small adjustments that will make a big difference. You don’t have to be perfect all the time and there are not crash diets that destroy your metabolism. It’s about making simple changes that move you in the right direction and don’t overwhelm you.

Daily dips in energy throughout the day

I will teach you to overcome the annoying  yo yo effects of energy dips through key foods involved in energy production. The food we eat and the timing of meals play a key role in balanced energy levels.

Fluctuating weight

Have you hit your late 30’s or forties?  exercising but still not shifting the weight? As a woman after 35  there is more to weight loss then calories in and out.  I will empower you to understand your body, work with her and work smarter, not harder..

Comfort eating for stress

You are not alone, friend. Stress hormones play a huge role in stress weight gain. In particular belly fat which can be a result of excess stress. I will be sharing with you tricks and tips to support and manage stress weight gain.

Cravings for sugar & salt

Salty or sweet cravings? Your body is leaving you breadcrumbs indicating she is not happy. I will guide you to understanding what these cravings mean and daily habits to  get rid of cravings for good.

When you work with me

You can be sure you will receive a sympathetic and non-judgemental approach and lots of encouragement. My aim is simply to empower you to become the healthiest and happiest version of yourself. That first step is understanding your body and breaking through the confusing space of Women’s health and Fitness.

Come join me on my 90 day Healing Hormones and mastering your metabolism programme.  Get those health and body goals you deserve  without restrictive diets and calorie counting. But simply by understanding your body and working with her, not against.

Remember the best days can truly be ahead of you if that’s what YOU choose.


My passion is helping busy women in their 30’s and 40’s struggling with body confidence, weight gain and hormonal chaos so they can live a thriving confident  life in a body they are proud of.


To empower and educate women  on their bodies and hormones through  my 90 day Happy Hormones and mastered metabolism programme. Every women deserves to feel empowered and confident knowing their best days can be ahead of them not behind.


I have over 15 years experience helping people achieve their beautiful goals around their health, hormones,  weight and energy. . I also have walked in the shoes of many women including burn out, overwhelm, low body confidence, infertility and the hormonal chaos on turning 40.