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Our Hormones ebb and flow throughout the month. Meaning we experience so many psychological, emotional and physical changes through the month. Yet so many Women are pusing themselves to the extreme every single day and as result experience period chaos, low moods, fertility challanges, anxiety and nervous sytem dysregulation.

As a period coach and educator I want to ring awareness to our infradian rhythm which is unique to us as women. Meaning how we eat, move, manage our stress, thrive in our work and family life is determined by our natural biology as a Women not a man.

Online zoom  & In person consultations available at my home office in Tralee, Co.Kerry.

In Person available at the following locations.

  • Horans  healthstore Manor Tralee, Co.Kerry.
  • Centre for smart aging, faranfore, Co.Kerry(Oct 2023)

5 WEEK COURSES Nov 2023 -Centre for smart aging, faranfore, Co.Kerry(Nov 2023)

Please contact to book your space as spots are limited.


Price £199

1. The smarter Perimenopause plan

2. The period rescue plan

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Where would you like to be in 1 year from now I live my life by the rule of 1, 2,3 which means one step at a time. imagine making one small step towards your vision. Imagine where this could take you in 1 year from now.   A tranformation from struggling to empowered… to All my beautiful clients shared a passion to make a change in order to live a life of  confidence, health and furfillment. They made the decision to take that important first step by booking a call and asking for support. Sometimes that is all it takes to make some life changing decisions. An investment in your future self and how you want to live.

Life is busy, but my job as a period coach, educator, nutritionist is to help you save time by working smarter with your body and time. Our Menstrual cycle is still something that is still misunderstood by so many women, just like it was for me. I mean we should be  taught this in schools(my goal for 2025!). Our Hormones rise and fall through the month just like the sun and moon. This brings changes emotionally, psychologically, physically each month. So why are we still turning a blind eye to this fact?

Through menstrual cycle education, nutrition and movement  guidance, cycle tracking, hormone balancing and stress management techniques I can support you to happier periods, more stable moods, and optimised fertility whether you are looking to get preganant or not.

Download your FREE menstrual cycle tracker and worksheet

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My passion for health and well being and  intense involvement with all my wonderful clients including Individuals, Corporates, Coaches is visible in what they have to say about me and I am so grateful for their support in spreading my vibe and knowledge.

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I reached out to Michelle and soon  joined her 3 Month Happy Hormones & Happy weight programme because I was looking for support with the fibroids, my fertility and my energy level, as I was exhausted very easily. What I really enjoyed about working with Michelle was that she made me understand the root cause of my problem. She helped me change my mindset about nutrition and having a healthy lifestyle. The shift/result that happened because of  working with Michelle was that I could manage better my energy levels throughout the day and that at the end of the program I got pregnant.



I reached out to Michelle when I was at my lowest point.  I am in menopause; I work with the homeless and I was working around the clock.  My body was in fight or flight mode.

My gut was reacting, and I was not well. The conversation I had with Michelle was simply life changing for me. As we were in lockdown, we did the consultation via Zoom.  I quickly changed my eating habits, listened to Michelle, took the supplements that Michelle recommended and before I knew it my gut was healing, and I was feeling better than I have ever felt. My skin was better, I was sleeping better, no headaches, my stress levels were less and I was feeling better than I had done in ages.

I cannot recommend Michelle highly enough.  It will be the best decision you can make.

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Kathrin Hedley

Michelle has been my personal trainer for many years now (since around 2012/13 I think), which speaks for itself. I started PT as I had been diagnosed with osteoporosis and wanted to build up bone as well as muscle. Michelle has definitely helped me with that- my last bone scan showed that I am now no longer in the osteoporosis range. Happy to report  I do not need to take any medication. I would highly recommend Michelle.