30 day hormone balancing weight loss programme

90 day Nourish- Move Thrive Hormone programme

Are you ready to live your best life? A life of balanced hormones, positivity, body confidence and good health?

If the answer is hell yessss I am ready Michelle ! Your in the right place and I am so happy you have found your way to my tribe of amazing women. So whether you tumbled here by mother moon’s magic or given directions here, I welcome you here…

Are you tired of feeling tired?

Living on an endless supply of caffeine and Sugar to get you through the day?

Hitting the netflix with a bottle of red for company once the kids are in bed?

Up and down moods creating a feeling of crazy land?

Curled up in bed 5 days of the month with heavy painful periods?

Weight gain that just won’t shift, especially around the belly?

Perhaps like myself you have suffered from miscarriages or unexplained infertility and looking for some sort of direction to heal your body?

If any of these sound like you take a breath, a deep one and relax. I am here to help and get you back on a path of good health, balanced hormones, movement that invigorates not annihilates you and growth, to become the best version of you.

I am Michelle Walsh, a mum of 2 little precious cherubs, a women’s Nutritionist and personal trainer. I understand first hand how hormone imbalances can influence us as women, physically, emotionally and mentally..

My 90 day programme will take you through a journey of self discovery.

Why 90 days?

Because this is not a diet, it’s a life transformation. Feeling happy and healthy is for life not a quick fix. And with hormones we need to give them the time they deserve in order to feel their mighty power.

Is this a special diet?
Absolutely not. I will work with you and your likes, dislikes. My programme is worked around your needs, time and goals. Everyone of my ladies are unique as is your plan.

Are you are ready to turn into that beautiful butterfly we all have within? Book a free 20 minute nourish your body discovery call through link.