Are you tired of feeling hungry & guilty about what you eat?

The Simpler Path to Controlled Cravings and Happier Waistline

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Wednesday 23rd March 7-8pm GMT

Does any of this sound familiar?

CRIPPLED by cravings and needing a constant drip of coffee to get through the day.

Feeling unmotivated and FRUSTRATED by your clothes getting tighter.

The thought of another diet makes you want to HIDE from the world.

Your tired of feeling tired all the TIME

How it would feel to

  • Be in control of you body and cravings through eating not restricting.

  • Wake up feeling motivated and excited about the day ahead.

  • Eat wonderful food that curbs cravings without counting calories.

  • Leave dieting and cravings a thing of the past.


❌  Feeling guilty about what you eat
❌  Reaching for coffee and cake by mid afternoon
❌  Cutting calories and starving yourself
❌  Starting and failing another diet attempt
During this 1 hour online masterclass I will be sharing the exact steps I teach in the first pillar inside my  Nourish, Move & Thrive Circle

Can’t make live? Not a problem. Just reserve a space I will send a replay within 24 hours.

What you can expect to learn:

✅  Understand why low calorie and fat free foods are driving your cravings.

✅   I will introduce you to your body’s house keeper “Insulin” where you will learn how to master your metabolism, your waistline and your cravings.

✅  Discover the 2 superfoods of happy hormones, weight loss and managed cravings.

✅  Understanding how stress could be contributing to cravings and creeping waistlines.

✅ Your next on letting go of cravings and unwanted weight gain without deprivation.

I empower and teach Women to step away from deprivation and overwhelm by working SMARTER not HARDER

The land of Women’s Health, Hormones, weight loss, can be overwhelming, daunting and a little lonely. I can absolutely relate and have been where some of you are right now. Information on Women’s health and hormones can get way too complicated and overwhelming. I do my best to keep things balanced and fun while still being informative.

Hi I am Michelle

A Mum, Personal trainer, Women’s Hormone and weight loss Nutritionist. My passion is supporting and educating busy women in their 30’s and 40’s to understand how their bodies work, get results, understand which foods help us function on full cylinders, with the time we have. So we can just get on with being the best version of us, right?!Let’s just cut through the noise and create sustainable habits we can maintain. No calorie counting, no hours of useless exercise causing us to gain fat and absolutely no crash diets here.

Don’t just take my word for it..

It’s evident that Michelle really knows her stuff when it comes to nutrition as the slides and handouts were packed with useful facts and tips for keeping healthy and in shape over the holidays.  I would recommend any one of her workshops if you want to get educated about nutrition.

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This wasn’t the usual spiel about carbs, proteins and fats, but a far more in depth talk about being smarter about what foods to choose

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I have never been to such a clear and easy to understand nutritional workshop. Michelle’s approach was perfect for any audience but the level of her expertise and knowledge was obvious

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What I enjoyed the most about Michelle and her sessions are that they’re easy to follow and Michelle is so friendly and approachable you can watch her talking for hours

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I cannot wait for you there my lovelies just book your space and let the transformation begin.

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